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If you are looking for July 4th Events near Burleson Texas, we’ve put together quite a substantial list of things going on the whole weekend of July 4th.

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July 4th Events near Burleson

You know it’s going to be a long day, so you might as well start of that with some healthy fresh food. Starting at 8 a.m. the Burleson Farmers Market will open providing handmade soap, fresh vegetables, hot sauce, homemade tamales, artisan bread, and so much more!

Burleson’s own Farmers Market closes at noon 12 p.m. And quite often they sell out long before they close. So show up early, bring your friends, shop local and shop healthy!

Burleson Farmer’s Market, 8 am, 217 W Renfro Street

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After grabbing some fresh fruit from Burleson Farmers Market, it’s time to head on over to the Red, White, and The Salty crew serving shaved ice over on Newton Drive.

Cool off With Snow Cones, 238 NW Newton Dr., starting at 12pm Noon!

You can swing on in and cool down and grab a delicious treat. Their freedom snow cone topped with whipped cream and sprinkles will be the dish of the day! See you there! ❤️🤍💙

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So after the snow cone you are probably going to want to take a quick nap. The only problem with that is when you wake up from your nap you’re going to be hungry, right? So as you are thinking about evening plans for this 4th of July, you might need to be reminded of one very important aspect of July 4th……

Let’s not forget that this is the last day to grab some fireworks from Johnny Fireworks. With four quick and easy locations all around us here in Burleson, now might be the best time to run over there and stock up before the selection is limited. You don’t want to be that Dad that shows up at the last second and the fireworks that your kid wanted are all gone!

If you are reading this on mobile, or if someone has shared this with you, tap any of the four locations below for quick and easy navigation to grab your fireworks right now!

Starting at 4 p.m. Rack Attack BBQ will be hosting their fourth of July celebration for burgers and dogs. The great thing is that their traditional smoked menu will also be available. However those all beef Black Angus hot dogs in Black Angus Burgers will go great with Gouda cheese and some smoked fried wings!

Rack Attack BBQ, 4pm,

Know someone who needs some high end burgers on a buttery brioche and some of the finest all beef black angus hot dogs encapsulated in Sweet Kings Hawaiian bun in the area? I’ll be in the car!

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Saving Yesterday, Old Texas Brewery, 8pm

Thanks to the loyalty of Dallas music fans, the buzz surrounding Saving Yesterday is gaining momentum. Chris Osborne, Joel Craig, Greg Bower came together to form the rock cover band in the summer of 2014. Later they found Joe R and his incredible bass talent. Saving Yesterday will surprise you with different genres of music from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and today’s modern hits.

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Celebrate Independence Day with live music on the patio at Hard Eight BBQ in Burleson from 7 to 9 pm this 4th of July evening.

Steve Hill & Cadillac Johnson, Hard Eight BBQ, 7pm-9pm

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While many cities have canceled or postponed their fireworks show, there are two fairly large fireworks displays to go see this 4th of July.

Cleburne and Fort Worth are having Fireworks shows this July 4th. So here’s the details for each:

Fort Worth’s Fireworks Show, 9:20pm, Panther Island Pavilion

Panther Island Pavilion will be closed to vehicular and pedestrian access. There will be no activities and no public access.

(let’s make sure we type that part again) 😉

Panther Island Pavilion will be closed to vehicular and pedestrian access. There will be no activities and no public access.

💡 Here’s our tip just for you. Don’t let anyone else read this ok?
If you go park on the TIP TOP story of the parking garage in Sundance Square, you will have a 👌PERFECT👌 view of the fireworks this 4th.

Now, let’s swing a few miles to the south and go over the details of Cleburne’s Fireworks show:

In order to adhere to Governor Abbott’s minimum standard health protocols for outdoor events the City/Chamber is relocating the 4th of July fireworks show from Lake Pat Cleburne to The Depot at Cleburne Station.

Join us for Cleburne’s 4th of July Celebration at The Depot on Saturday, July 4! Fun, family friendly event with spectacular fireworks show at dark (approx. 9:30pm) No cost to the public to attend thanks to the generous support of HEB and many other local businesses Gate open at 6:30 PM, socially distanced parking spaces will be available at the stadium on a first come, first served basis (no reservation necessary) Fireworks music will be synced on 88.3 FM The Journey Spectators are to remain in their vehicles or near their vehicles to watch the fireworks show Pre-show entertainment will be provided by Plaza Theatre Company & Cleburne Railroaders General public will not be allowed inside The Depot for this event. Due to COVID-19 restrictions and the need to ensure social distancing only event sponsors and season ticket holders with tickets will be allowed inside the stadium


Know some kiddos that need to watch some fireworks? Load ’em all up in the family suburban and everyone head out to Cleburne for the evening!

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BONUS EVENT!!! (for the 5th)

Sunday July 5th, at Renfro Street Eats 11am-3pm, Tony’s Gym presents and all outdoor event with limited seating due to COVID (grab your own lawn chairs or chill near your vehicle).

LIVE music from 12pm-2pm by Darik Caswell.

Perfectly Paint will be attending as well with canvas painting for kids inside an airstream. If your kiddos have never experienced Perfectly Paint, here’s a bit of what your little dumpling is about to have fun doing:

Food trucks attending:

  • Danibelle’s Lebanese Cuisine
  • Nana’s Lunchbox & Sweets
  • Lillian’s BBQ
  • Spicy C – Tacos & Nachos
  • Crazy Burger H

🍕🍔🌭🥐🥨🥩🥡 Now, we’re not sure how you feel about food trucks… However, given a choice between eating at a restaurant or out of a rolling kitchen on wheels in a big boxed vehicle with nothing but hard working folks making the food go directly from the grill straight into your pie hole – but food trucks are pretty friggin’ DELICIOUS!!

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So there’s a rundown of some of the events going on this weekend. There’s something to do for everyone – EVERYONE!

So, instead of staying cooped up in the house this weekend, find someone who needs a hand, someone who needs to get out, and meet someone new at these events.

Those little buttons for Twitter and Facebook are there for a reason. Reach out. Tag someone. Invest in yourself by inviting someone you know or don’t know!

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