What would happen if you treated an abused mind in the same manner as you would a broken arm?

A substantial number of social issues, mental health issues, cognitive deficiencies, and poorly portrayed false victim scenarios could very well be avoided if we just simply take into account that:

Things that are in the mind need to be resolved with very similar methods as we would do with things that are visually seen

Mental Health issues would never be ignored if all our brains were out in the open. If there was not a race, a social status, or a gender assigned to a behavior, and it was simply seen for what-it-is, how would we handle it differently?

A social cause is good, but what would happen if we took the minds, words, and actions of the accuser and put it out where everyone could very clearly visually see things clearer?

If you see someone with a broken arm would you:

  • Enable them to continually walk around with the broken arm or would you encourage them to go to the hospital and get help?
  • See if their race is similar before encouraging them to get help?
  • Determine if their bone was broken by someone of the “similar gender which you may not like”?
  • Find a person to blame for the broken arm first, then offer to give them a ride to the hospital?
  • Would you dismiss their broken arm as a fake claim or encourage them to go to a hospital to get an X-Ray to validate that their arm is -indeed- broken?

When an abused person’s mind is thoughtfully considered and mirrored to an example like a broken arm, things become a bit clearer (even though it is an example).

After a person has been through abuse, let’s make one thing very clear: Someone has indeed broken something in that person’s mind. In the very soul of a person who has been through abuse, someone else has taken an innocent loving blank slate of a mind, and re-written that person’s acceptance of a loving and functional mind and broken it.

So why is it that too many times, people will take a broken soul and handle it inappropriately?

Stay with the analogy for a second here…..

Why would a person, church, group or organization say, “Hold up your broken arm for all the world to see. No don’t worry about getting help, that would mean that we don’t have any more ‘broken arm’ claims to tout.” That wouldn’t make much sense. Yet we see it happen all the time:

Keep being a victim. Claim that you’re a courageous survivor by stating your victim status louder. Please let us use your broken soul as a status symbol so we can attract others.

That’s not how to help someone with a (metaphorical) broken arm. Yet for some reason, we have social tweeder book tube posts and ’cause’ type-of movements that enable a ‘broken soul’ to quickly and easily find enablers that will empower them to continue walking around with the broken arm.

That’s not good.

Instead of saying to a person who has been through abuse, “We need to get you to a hospital, get your X-Ray done to verify & validate the extent of your ‘broken arm’.” We see, all too often, that anyone can simply claim, “My arm is broken” and then suddenly people will rush in, forget about getting that person to an actual hospital where actually trained professionals can help, validation tests (like an X-Ray for example) could be done, the broken arm reset to healthy parameters, a cast put on the broken arm to hold it as it heals, and proper follow up can be done with the broken arm.

Replacing all of that seems to be this vigilante style of social claims, and baseless statements followed by anyone with a hero complex or an enabler modality who will come in and forsake all common sense to help the person heal.

Instead, thinking something like: Let’s see what we can do to file a false police report. Let’s see if we can run to the local church and think of some rhetoric like how horribly ripped from the tendons your arm is & how it was mauled by a bear, then a vicious dog, and your broken arm was then ran through a cheese grater and run over by a pack of angry wolf sledding dogs (all male of course) & that your arm was then taken and stolen by the evil lords of the patriarch and then (hold on lemme check my tweeder book chat texts to see what else we can claim for you) then the broken arm was vaporized by the flat earth people and ……………..

Hold on.

This person has a broken arm. Why not take them to the hospital, encourage them to get examined by a medical professional, get an X-Ray from someone who has knowledge on how to correctly administer and run the X-Ray machine, remind them to have the bone set correctly by a trained medical person, get the cast on it, and ask them if they have follow the doctor’s advice and discharge orders.

Why does it seem that it sometimes becomes an issue of

  • So-and-so broke this person’s arm. Therefore anyone resembling so-and-so, must be an arm breaker!
  • This person had their arm broken by someone decades ago. Let’s pretend that someone else additional broke their arm. Let’s pretend that someone additional broke their arm again. Oh hey look, there’s another person, let’s say that they broke the person’s arm as well.

And, it becomes this vicious cycle of people using other people to enable some cause-based dialogue. People then develop a learned behavior of “ok, I can garner attention if I learn what to say that’ll make folks think my arm is broken as well”

That’s not how you would heal a broken arm, so why should it be how we heal a broken and abused soul?

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