Could I open a line of dialogue with you here regarding ….well…. I’m not sure what the exact wording would be but, …I’m sure there’s an understanding that enabling a false claim takes away from the real victims of domestic violence. And, when someone abuses the 911 system to create those false claims, it leaves a publicly accessible trail of: the dispatch recorded call, the police body camera recordings, and the 8 officer(s) post-incident write up as well.
So, we’re trying to understand this practice of blind enabling across many different avenues – from church, to non-profit advocacy groups, and -of course- the social media aspect as well.
Which has led us to you 😉
As the owner/admin of a Facebook page, just a couple of questions if you don’t mind:
1.) How often do you check publicly accessible records to ensure the validity of “stories” which are published?
2.) What people, processes, or policies do you have in place to ensure that a person who is enabled with a platform and voice such as this, is not receiving toxic enabling and exacerbating a false claim
3.) If someone were to reach out to your organization with definitive 3rd part evidence (such as the aforementioned public records request and much more) what, if any thing, would your group do to take corrective measures for the blind enabling, once that undeniable indisputable evidence was presented to your group?
(not to the same level, but if it helps, think along the lines of Jussie Smollett. except in a much more down-to-earth scale of families, community, and children.)
In other words, when the ‘Abused’ becomes the ‘Abuser’, when accountability and healing are replaced with toxic enabling and ‘blind belief’, what would an organization such as yours do? …if anything at all?

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