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…and yes, the same applies to ladies!

What's It Like Outside?

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Does Blatant Satire equal Death Threats

A few days ago, a resident of Burleson posted this image on the innerwebs. Justin Galloway created what "should" have been...

Zero Tolerance

If there is something about you, your church, your non profit, or your organization that simply can NOT put the needs of...

Amber Alert

Although Center Texas is 3.5 hours away from Burleson, let's keep our eyes open for Zamya Whitaker! Here's what YOU need to...

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learn to realize when something is WRONG vs. when something is DIFFERENT

you don't need to ignore it & you don't need to go rushing into action like these idiots either, but learn to...

An open dialogue of toxic enabling

Could I open a line of dialogue with you here regarding ....well.... I'm not sure what the exact wording would be...


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decimal_degrees Notes / Thoughts: When the safety squad decides to flip out and claim that I was in the children's hallway, we've got a couple of...

When you let your guard down, people get hurt

It's easy to take a blanket "hero complex" mentality and simply say that everyone should universally "believe" all claims of domestic violence.

Never Sacrifice Loyalty for your OWN INTEGRITY

Wether your a pastor a voluteer at a church a man a woman a citizen or an advocate, don't ever stay loyal...
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