The wonderful and incredible Jane Burton from Next Step Women’s Center will be giving the invocation. Formerly, the Next Step Women’s Center was called the Pregnancy Aid Center and is now the Next Step Women’s Shelter

Jane Burton is a long time community member here in Burleson and if you have never gotten a chance to meet her and talk with her, tonight’s City Council meeting would be a great time to come say HOWDY 👋🙋‍♂️👋🙋‍♀️, shake her hand🤝, and get to know more about the work that goes on over at the Next Step Women’s Center.

Following Jane’s powerful prayer will be the pledge of allegiance to the U.S. Flag and the Texas Pledge as well. Now, let’s get to the fun stuff!

IF ever you or someone you know would like to make an appearance at one of the City Council meetings, section 4 goes over how to have your 3 minutes of concern spoken and heard by the city council members.

Onto line item number 6.

A.) Fire chief Freeman is going to present Direction on Burleson response to the Coronavirus.

B.) And then Jennifer Basham is going to give direction at the Burleson Recreation Center.

Of special note here is the following:

  • Room reservations- currently at 50% capacity, staff is proposing resuming 100% capacity
  • Rock Climbing wall- closed in in March 2020, staff is proposing resuming use of the rock wall and requiring patrons to sanitize hands pre and post use
  • Volleyball-BYA has requested reserving the gymnasium for volleyball games beginning mid-April, staff is proposing approving the request and allowing 2 spectators per athlete

C.) Parks Director Jen Basham is then going to talk about Clark Park. This does seem to be a bit of nothingness and void of many features, however here’s a rendering that will be presented:

Let’s not be rude, but this rendering of something “new” seems quite significantly lacking in anything that a kiddo might find “fun”. No see saw. No merry go round. No slide. No swings.

This rendering looks much more engaging for the kiddos and families of Burleson! 👍

If you’ve got questions or comments – either way – regarding the new design of Clark Park, be sure to show up tonight at the meeting and have your voice heard!

Item 7.A. will be to approve the meetings form the March 15th City Council meeting.

Item 7.B. is to ratify the emergency purchase needed to fix the stop light debacle that happened when an oversized load decided to take out the stoplight.

Three quotes were submitted and Durable Specialties was awarded the contract.

Line item 7.D. is to purchase a Kubota Tractor and a mower implement to help our Parks and Rec city workers increase the speed of mowing and reduce the number of personnel needed for mowing.

Once again, we’ll be seeing Chief Freeman make an appearance as he goes over line 7.E. which is a presentation requesting the additional $75,000 expenditure for the Burleson Public Health Authority to continue funding the 2 registered nurses & 3 contract tracers providing assistance to the community, City Staff, and both Burleson and Joshua ISD(s).

The Burleson Public Health Authority (BPHA) under the direction of Dr. Steve Martin M.D. consists of two registered nurses and three contact tracers, which continues to provide critical support and medical guidance to all city departments concerning COVID-19 related issues. BPHA also works with the Human Relations Department including weekends when COVID related questions or incidents arise. Other areas, which BPHA continues to play a key role in, is the interaction and guidance given to both BISD and JISD school districts. These relationships have proven effective and timely in helping to assist our local schools to remain safely open during the COV ID–19 Pandemic. Furthermore, under the care of Dr. Martin and BPHA staff, individuals and families have received, at no cost, food, medical guidance, and basic necessity supplies when they were not able to attain these types of items by their own means. BPHA works with several of our local non-profit agencies when necessary to help ensure anyone who needs assistance receivesitwhen due to being ill with COVID-19. Lastly, BHA works closely the Fort Worth Fire Department, Burleson Independent School District and Texas Health Resource Huguley to provide weekly vaccines to persons who request vaccinations. Each week vaccination clinics are held at Old Kerr Middle
School and to date approximately over 30,000 doses have been administered by BPHA.

Agenda item 7.F. is regarding a backup generator from Kohler which services AT&T communications near the water tower over on Brushy Mound.

7.G. is to pay Amanda Campos $165,960.00 yearly for her role as City Secretary


7.H. is to pay Bryan Langley $228,093.50 yearly as the City Manager of Burleson.

Line item 8.A. will go over the Pilot station proposed for the corner of 917 and 35W.

The idea here is to have a Pilot Fuel station for the big trucks and a few retail buildings as stand alone structures as well.

While none of the retail food places are set in stone yet, everyone does love to see that familiar orange and white roof of Whataburger!

Water will be coming from Bethesda Water supply and this is part of the city’s Imagine Burleson 2030 Comprehensive Plan which designated this area an Office/Commercial zone.

7.C. Yes, this is the development near HEB!

Line item 7.C. will go over and establish all the plans for the 7 acre retail development going in between HEB and Greenridge.

One of the items being planned is a single lane car wash:

Yes, this proposal is scheduled to be accessible from the HEB shopping center parking lot.

Yes, there will be an additional stop light going up at Greenridge and F.M. 731.

And, there are two dedicated right turn lanes proposed which will help ease people into the shopping area – one dedicated right turn lane will feed off of F.M. 731 and another dedicated right turn lane will feed from Greenridge.

On to line item 9.A. which is regarding adding some more holes to the disc golf course. The parks board and council are recommending adding more holes to round out the course to a full 18 holed course!

This comes at a cost of approximately $17,250 & will take around 2 weeks to finish.

Line item 9.B. is to approve at contract for software for Capital Project Management not to exceed $362,644. This contract does NOT allow the city to actually purchase the software, but it is a 3 year agreement for the software.

e-Builder’s “management software” agreement will mean that the city is paying well over TEN THOUSAND dollars a month for this project management software over the course of a 36 month period.

9.C.’s ordinance will raise the speed limit on Lakewood Drive from 30 to 40 miles an hour. If you’re not familiar with Lakewood, it is the road which begins at the QT & Texas Health on 174 and stretches back to County Road 1021 (see image)

Lastly, line item 9.D. on tonight’s City Council agenda will be the official ‘First Reading’ of the fee schedules regarding the Mayor Vera Calvin Plaza.

Presented by Burleson’s finest Economic Developer, graduating Burleson High Alumni, and man-with-the-greatest-tattoo-ever: Alex Philips.

Here’s the run down:

Half day reservations for up to 6 hours will be charged at $3,500 plus a $1,500 deposit.

Then a full days worth of reservation will set you back $5,000 plus a doubled security deposit of $2,500.

There you have it! That’s the semi brief summary of the Burleson City Council meeting for April 5th, 2021.

If you cannot attend in person to meet Jane Burton, remember to stop in, say HOWDY and ask her what you can do to help. Oh, and if you wanted to attend the city council meeting to actually see what goes on (not just to say hi to Jane), then you can always grab some popcorn and watch it online:

4th Generation Burleson Resident. Lifelong learner 📚 Long time listener 👂 Fan of adoption 👶, peanut butter & chocolate 🍫, and deception detection techniques 🤫

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