Overview: Meeting Agenda with Presentation Materials

Sometimes it's difficult to follow the City Council Meetings without a copy of the actual Presentations & Memos. Here it is!

Burleson City Council Meeting for April 18th, 2022

At the April 18th Burleson City Council Meeting, Bob Massey with the Burleson Ministerial Alliance will be starting the meeting with his invocation.

Sometimes it’s a bit rough to follow along with City Council meetings. While the agenda is presented and printed at the entrance to council chambers, the real ‘meat and potatoes‘ is in the presentations and memo material which Amanda presents and posts 3+ days before each meeting (usually on the previous Friday for each meeting)

So, I decided I would try to present the council agenda with a better view and presentation which puts things in context better and all in one page.

After Bob Massey’s invocation, here’s the how, and the context, for our Burleson City Council Meeting will unfold.

2.A. Proclamations

  • Proclamation recognizing April 17-23, 2022 as National Volunteer Week in the City of Burleson. (Recipient: Kerry Montgomery, Volunteer Coordinator)
  • Proclamation recognizing April 29, 2022 at National Arbor Day in the City of Burleson. (Recipient: Jen Basham, Parks and Recreation Director)
  • Proclamation recognizing April 30, 2022 as National Therapy Animal Day in the City of Burleson. (Recipient: Donna Gumfory)

2.B. Presentations

  • Presentation of Outstanding Citizen Awards to Juliet Cobb and Everett Bates. (Presenter: Councilmember V. Johnson, Pl. 1)
  • Recognition of the Employee of the Quarter for the 1st quarter of 2022. (Staff Presenter: Rick DeOrdio, Director of Human Resources)

2.C. Community Interest Items

  • expressions of thanks, congratulations, or condolence;
  • information regarding holiday schedules;
  • honorary recognitions of city officials, employees, or other citizens;
  • reminders about upcoming events sponsored by the city or other entity that is scheduled to be attended by city official or city employee; and
  • announcements involving imminent public health and safety threats to the city.

3. Changes to Posted Agenda

This is where the council discusses adding or removing any of the agenda items. This can be new items or consent agenda items which the council would like to address individually.

4. Citizen Appearances

This is where residents get to add their voice to the council meetings. I’ll post the specific Citizen Appearance part of the meeting once the video gets processed.

Remember town, this is also where you can email your statement to Amanda and she will read it aloud (permitting the text amount is around 3 minutes) at this point in the council meetings.

Remember, this is where council can ask that any one of these items be removed from the consent agenda and listed individually for discussion. As presented, Consent Agenda items get one vote for all “Consent Agenda” items to be voted on at-one-time.

5.A. Consider approval of the city council minutes from the April 4, 2022 regular meeting.

5.B. Consider approval of an amended employment agreement with Bryan Langley to serve as City Manager.

5.C. Consider approval of a resolution authorizing the City Manager to execute a memorandum of understanding with Hemphill, LLC, concerning the height of a telecommunications tower facility generally located at 620 SW Wilshire Blvd.

No Additional Material Provided  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


6.A. 2230 S Burleson Blvd (Case 22-017): Hold a public hearing and consider approval of an ordinance amending ordinance B-582, the zoning ordinance of the City of Burleson, Texas, by amending the official zoning map and changing the zoning on approximately 0.96 acres from “A” Agricultural, to “SF16” Single-family dwelling district-16, to allow for the development of one single-family residence, making this ordinance cumulative of prior ordinances, providing a severability clause; providing a penalty clause, and providing for an effective date.

6.B. 2325 SW Wilshire Blvd (Bear Ridge) (Case 22-028): Hold a public hearing and consider approval of a zoning ordinance change request from “A” Agricultural, to “SFA” Single-family attached, to allow for residential development on 14.75 acres.

6.C. 2325 SW Wilshire Blvd (Bear Ridge) (Case 22-027): Hold a public hearing and consider approval of an ordinance requesting zoning change from “A” Agricultural, to “SF7″ Single-family dwelling district-7, to allow for residential development on 158.407 acres.

This agenda item ‘might’ be combined in conjunction with the previous agenda item. As these come up for discussion, the entirety of the presentation can be discussed simultaneously. However, as presented, each item requires a separate vote from the City Council.

The Ordinance and Community Objections are the same from above. The only differentiating item in this agenda item is the memo.

This is the same video segment as the one above. Feel free to skip it if you’ve already gone through the one above. It’s just being added here for additional reference. After going back through the meeting videos, both agenda items were indeed combined and presented together.

6.D. Ordinance Amendments to Code of Ordinances Appendix A – Subdivision and Development (Case 21-099): Consider approval of an ordinance amending the Burleson Code of Ordinances as found in Appendix A (Subdivision and Development), Article 1 (General Provisions), Article 2 (Platting Policies), Article 3 (Plat Requirements), Article 4 (Community Facilities Policy), and Article 9 (Appendicies – Community Facilities Contract) for the purpose of modifying platting approval authority, modifying the final plat and replat policies, designating the planning and zoning commission as the approval body for final plats and replats within the city limits, and amending the form community services contract.

**amended Tuesday** This line item was removed from the council agenda**

This one is a bit lengthy folks, but take a few minutes to read through these and you’ll understand things much better


7.A. Hold a public hearing and consider approval of an ordinance terminating the Tax Increment Finance Reinvestment Zone Number 3, City of Burleson, Texas, dissolving the board of directors and tax increment fund for the Zone

7.B. Consider approval of an ordinance changing the designation of McNairn Road between SW Sunnybrook Drive to Willow Circle N from an alley to a public street and setting the speed limit of the public street at 30 miles per hour.

7.C. Consider approval of an ordinance amending Chapter 78, sections 78-41 “definitions” by adding and amending definitions, 78-42 “stopping, standing, or parking prohibited in certain places” by modifying the maximum parking time of certain vehicles in residential and non-residential districts, 78-46 “storing motor vehicles on public streets prohibited” by modifying the prohibition of storing vehicles on public streets, 78-47 “unauthorized parking on certain public property prohibited” by making grammatical edits, and 78-51 “citation; towing; evidence” by clarifying the removal of a vehicle.

7.D. Consider approval of a resolution authorizing a real estate contract with Paul and Darlene Karmy to sell fee simple title to a tract of land in Johnson County, Texas, commonly known as 430 North Burleson Boulevard, for a sales price of $900,000 and other consideration as prescribed in the contract; authorizing the City Manager to execute all documents necessary to close on the contract; authorizing the expenditure of funds; incorporating the recitals; and providing an effective date.


8.A. Receive a report, hold a discussion, and provide staff direction regarding results from the 2022 citywide citizen satisfaction survey.

8.B. Receive a report, hold a discussion, and provide a recommendation regarding the proposed FY 2023 – FY 2027 Golf, Parks, and Recreation Capital Improvements Program

8.C. Receive a report, hold a discussion, and give staff direction regarding an update on the financial overview of the 4A Economic Development Corporation Fund, 4B Community Services Corporation Fund, Parks Performance Fund and Golf Fund, and receive any additional direction from City Council regarding the fiscal year 2022-2023 annual budget.



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