Burleson Fireworks

There will be no concert since the Hot Sounds of Summer concert series has been renamed “The Cool Sounds of Fall” & postponed for later in the fall.

Normally, we would have a few mid-day activities between the parade and the fireworks. That won’t be the case this year.

💡 Let’s look at this in a more positive light. We now have more time in the middle of the day to spend time with friends and family!

We’re not sure if anyone’s noticed, but over in the far right (on a desktop) there’s a spot that we’ve added which has a few of our local businesses featured in it.

One of those businesses fits into the article quite nicely. It’s a familiar face to some, and perhaps a new introduction to others.

Jonathan Cook normally rocks the real estate and rental markets here in Burleson. However, with a long time friend, Jonathan and his friend combined forces (like Voltron) and these two created…..


Johnny Fireworks has 4 locations this year. So, between the parade & the time that the City starts their fireworks show, don’t forget to go grab some fireworks.

Burleson’s Fireworks will start at approximately dusk. So on the 4th of July, God scheduled the sun to set at 8:41pm. Consequently, the fireworks should start around 9pm or once they feel it is dark enough.

Where to watch Burleson’s Fireworks Show?

City parks have never been closed, & they will, of course, be open on the 4th of July as well. A few city officials have mentioned that the usual fields at Chisenhall park will be opened for folks to sit and watch the fireworks show that should start around 9pm.

If you’re new to the area, or if you’ve been here for 5 generations, let’s go over where those fields are. See that area below that we have highlighted in red?

That’s where folks are allowed to setup their chairs and watch the fireworks show. However………… there might be a few better options 😏

Now, if you’ve been here for a while, you’ll remember that when the park was built, there was a significant amount of green space left in the back area which never got developed. That’s where the “old” trails used to be.

Very few people know about this area, but we’re going to let everyone in on the secret (just promise you won’t tell anyone else)

Zoom in on that map and you’ll see a little narrow pathway cleared out along the back row of parking.

see it?

So, here’s the trick: Show up around 7 or 8pm, grab you a good parking spot, and bring some balls. Baseballs, softballs, footballs, or even frisbees to throw around!

Bring some food, tasty beverages and snacks or walk over to American Revelry and grab some food after you have enjoyed playing around for a while.

The trick is to hang out in that open green space there. It’s totally fun, you are free from the ‘crowds’ that are going to gather all around on just-the-softball-fields themselves. Plus, you have a great open unobstructed view of the fireworks!

💡 Yes dads and moms, you can actually see the fireworks without a kiddo (or two) on your shoulders!

Some of the other, yet less challenging places to watch Burleson’s fireworks are in the businesses along the access road near the I-35 and Hidden Creek area.

There are usually a few dozen great spots to watch Burleson’s Fireworks inside the highlighted area. But please do not park along the access road.

Of course one could always watch Burleson’s Fireworks show from the softball fields over at Hidden Creek Sports Complex.

Hidden Creek Sports Complex

However, by the time you and your family make it out of that parking lot, mom’s head will have erupted and spontaneously combusted at least 7 times, dad will be holding back the choice words as he lets someone else cut in front of them, and the kiddos might have aged in years so much that it might be enough to begin college. 😲

In other words, it’s best to avoid that area at all costs. It’s like the mecca middle of all the commotion that will be going on.

Police will, more than likely be out directing traffic and attempting to shuffle vehicles out into the city in an organized manner. Again, it’s best to avoid this area & choose one of the outlying spots to watch the fireworks.

Yes, if you park somewhere on the outskirts a bit, your “leave time” will be substantially decreased. However, remain calm, drive slowly, and dad’s – make sure momma has enough of her “Dr. Pepper-plus-whatever” in that Whataburger cup that she’s been sipping on all night. 👍

Now, remember folks: When the fireworks show is over, you’ve still got time to run by Johnny Fireworks to support local businesses and also grab some fun for you, the kiddos and the family!

Of course, you can always stop in at one of their four locations early (BEFORE THE 4TH) to grab a few sparklers and everything else! 😁

If you are mobile, you should be able to tap on any of these links for navigation straight to Jonathan’s 4 locations:

Regardless of what you do, where you go, or with whom you celebrate with, remember to:

  • Keep the Fireworks OUT of the City Limits!
  • Drive slowly and with patience!
  • Enjoy Fireworks Responsibly!
  • Remember that your freedom came with a price!

Let’s all honor the men and women who served in the armed forces as we celebrate.

Enjoy Burleson’s Fireworks!

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