Burleson Fireworks
Burleson Fireworks

As of approximately 8pm tonight, the City of Burleson WILL BE having a parade and a fireworks show.

Kim Malone took to the stump and made quite a point about everyone being on the same page.

LET ME BE THE FIRST TO MENTION: This is EXACTLY WHY I think we need a local news site!

As one of the speakers asked, the decision was not up to the City Council Members and it was not up to a vote for the City Council. The decision was made by the staff working in conjunction with the

Keith Kelly, from the Lion’s Club, got up and spoke for a few moments about the “process” that was used to arrive at the decision to initially cancel the parade. He also thanked those in attendance for allowing the parade to go on.

Hank Holdridge, again with the Lion’s Club, spoke for a few moments and mentioned that he applauded and thanks the City for allowing the parade to happen.

Alicia Mo took to the speaker’s podium to ask the city not to cancel things that are “four months away”.

Per the guidance of Dr. Martin, the playgrounds are recommended to be opened!

The indoor pool is not opened yet, June 30th is the date set to create a proposal for opening the City’s pools.

The “Hot Sounds of Summer” is going to be pushed to start late August and into September. And it shall henceforth be called the “Cool Sounds of Fall” 😏

The above “Decision Points” are the tentative deadlines for making decisions.

Chief Davis spoke for a few moments regarding updates to The City of Burleson’s latest Covid – 19 update.

The number of individuals being tested so far has increased since the City partnered with Huguley to ramp up the testing capacity.

Ken voiced his concern that if the residents do not abide by guidance, that things could become “catastrophic” and reminded everyone to be vigilant to make sure citizens and businesses have the information that they need for their own protection.

Greg Gammon stood up to the podium to speak about taxes. Greg’s concern is that there will be a burden on the citizens on a fixed income to pay for upcoming taxes and he asked that taxes not be raised as The City creates its budget.

Ken did mention a bit about a slight slump in the City’s revenue due to Covid – 19, however Mayor Shetter did mention that the loss was “comfortable” and “manageable”.

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