After a long hard battle with multiple hiccups from both candidates, the Burleson runoff election result for City Council are finally in.

Jimmy Stanford is Burleson resident’s newest City Council member for Place 3.
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Katherine Reading received nine hundred and twenty seven votes in the early election and Jimmy Stanford received one thousand and seven votes. That amounts to Katherine Reading receiving forty eight percent and Jimmy Stanford receiving fifty two percent of the early votes.

Election Day voters for June 5th cast six hundred ninety one ballots in a similar manner with Katherine Reading receiving two hundred forty two votes and Jimmy Stanford receiving four hundred forty nine votes. That totals out to Katherine Reading receiving thirty five percent and Jimmy Stanford receiving sixty five percent of those day-of voters.


Early Voting: 1007
Election Day: 449
Total Votes: 1,456


Early Voting: 927
Election Day: 242
Total Votes: 1,169

Several residents have mentioned that the low voter turnout was a slight disappointment. Typically local elections, especially a runoff election, do tend to have a slightly lower amount of voters turning out to the polls.

The good news is that the City of Burleson does have a large percentage of registered voters. Out of the approximately 34,772 residents who ARE eligible, 30,005 are indeed registered voters.

In this article we broke down how we arrived at those numbers:

The total percentage of registered voters who showed up to the polls was 8.75%. That might seem like a low number and it is. However, most local polls are hovering around 10% for local elections.

Nonetheless, Jimmy Stanford has won the runoff election for Burleson City Council Place 3.

May he do his campaign proud and may the citizens of Burleson welcome accountability in his new position as he serves us all.

4th Generation Burleson Resident. Lifelong learner 📚 Long time listener 👂 Fan of adoption 👶, peanut butter & chocolate 🍫, and deception detection techniques 🤫

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