There’s been recent talk about the low voter turnout at the recent elections. There’s multiple different claims regarding voters and turnout here in Burleson, so let’s put some truth into the noise.

As of July 1, 2019 Burleson has 48,225 residents. That’s according to the latest census data. And with Burleson’s growth as a direct suburb of Fort Worth, those numbers might be a bit closer to 50,000.

Of those 48,225 residents, 28.0% are under 18 years old. Via some simple math, that means that 13,503 residents of Burleson is under 18 and simply cannot vote yet.

That leaves 34,772 voters who are ELIGIBLE to vote.

Now, via stats from the most recent elections, we know that there are 24,387 registered voters within the Johnson County side of Burleson and 5,644 registered voters in the Tarrant County side of Burleson. This gives us a total of 30,031 who are able to vote.

Subtracting those two numbers, that leaves 4,741 of individuals in Burleson whom are eligible but not registered to vote.

In the most recent election, only 9.3% of the registered voters in Burleson cast their ballots.

For the runoff election, we’ll be journaling and keeping track of those numbers as well.

Voting results for the City Council Runoff Election is posted HERE

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