Did they cross a line that should never be crossed

Are your alliances stronger than your convictions?

A lot of folks walk around pulling what I like to call the George W. Pre-Emptive Strike (or just the George W. for short); that guy had a reeeaally strong feeling that he acted on before he found any proof, and we all know how that turned out. If a person is scared of being hurt it’s easy to justify an anticipatory strike to cut off pain and suffering at the pass, but the bummer is that you can end up generating a whole slew of consequences that you never saw coming.

Making a call based on your fears instead of evidence sucks. It’s not fair to you, your character, your integrity, and it destroys those around you.

find out if your friend is emotionally unstable or not the good old-fashioned way — let them reveal their self to you through their actions during the course of your friendship. You don’t need to get involved in these peoples’ conflict.

Unfortunately, taking sides in the way your friends are advising you to is a passive form of involvement, at least partially based on hearsay.

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