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Chronic PTSD will never have a tattoo on their forehead announcing itself

Unlike Autism, or Down Syndrome, or any number of mental illnesses which have some level of a physical manifestation, someone who has endured multiple chronic traumatic events probably is NOT going to be obvious.

Hey, has this person lived in a right wing, misogynistic, controlling, socially manipulative, isolating, and abusive environment for 35 years?

Yeah, um….. That’s not going to have an outward label.

Has this person ever experienced something traumatic and -for whatever reason- they’ve chosen to NOT deal with & cope with those traumatic events?

The answer to that isn’t going to have some type of obvious physical label.

Does someone who has experienced chronic trauma know how to deal with their fear?
Does this person have an aversion to therapy, counseling, and honesty? Or has this person been cognitively conditioned to fear, hate, and resist any level of honest therapeutic counseling?

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