Burleson ISD School Board Candidate Nona Reed
Burleson ISD School Board Candidate Nona Reed


Questions, community input, and sandwiches for Nona's bid for Place 1 with the BISD School Board. Be sure to add YOUR voice as well!

Why did you wait ’till the very last hour to file your paperwork to run for school board?

Most people earnestly running for an elected office will usually file their paperwork well ahead of the 4:35 time stamp on the very last day of eligibility to file.

Other times, people wait until the very last day, even the very last hour, in the hopes that by filing in that manner, there will be an unopposed election declaring the challenger the winner.

Nona Reed’s Application to be placed on the ballot for Burleson ISD’s School Board Place 1
Do Burleson Voters think that Nona can justify in a convincing manner, why it is that she waited until the last second to file her candidacy paperwork?x

Are you legally eligible to work for BISD?

Line 1 of Candidate Nona Reed’s Settlement Agreement

When asked if there was any substance to the belief that she is ineligible for rehire, her response is ‘NO’.

In the document entitled “Settlement Agreement” candidate Reed has relinquished that she “will perform no further duties for the BISD as of the date of her resignation” being August 11, 2016.

Consequently, Nona Reed’s very own lawyer has agreed that Nona Reed will not perform any duties, ever again, for the Burleson Independent School District.

So does Nona have anything definitive FROM BISD stating that she IS eligible for rehire? And, if so, has she produced any of that documentation reaffirming or claiming that she IS eligible for rehire?

Nona cannot determine or make the claim that she is/ is NOT eligible for rehire within the BISD. Only BISD’s Human Resources department can correctly and authoritatively claim that Nona is eligible for rehire.

Why did you put on your application that you were an educator?

Nona Reed’s filing for Burleson ISD School Board

Some questions from the community:

If she’s claiming that she is still occupied as an educator, does she stay clocked in while doing the JoCo Show?

Burleson Resident
and another one that was asked...

While the teaching certificate is good for 5 years, where is she teaching at?

-Burleson resident

Why were you having difficulties remembering your cohosts last name while writing on the application?

After years and years of sitting next to Tiffany Hurd as the ‘Ed McMahon’ type of sidekick of the JoCo Show, Nona can’t quite get the name of her Campaign Treasurer correct. Can Nona help voters understand what was cognitively going on in her head as she was printing Tiffany Hurd’s name?

This is again, the 2nd botched field as Nona hurried to fill out her election paperwork at the last minute. The first instance is mentioned below as Nona filled in her own name in the ‘name of election’ field.

Would Nona be a good candidate for filling out paperwork for issues regarding the entire BISD as an elected school board member when she can not get the last name of her campaign treasurer correct?x

When filling out the application, did you believe that you were running for the “Nona Reed” Election?

After Nona’s filing at the last hour of the last day of the deadline, she fills out the one page application incorrectly. This triggered the 5 day rule of notifying the candidate that their application would be rejected. And, 5 days later lawyers representing the Burleson Independent School District did, indeed, notify Nona.

However, by waiting ’till 4:35 of the Friday deadline, the Burleson ISD believed that the deadline for the candidate had expired.

Thereby candidate Nona hired the failed candidate for Texas Senate, Warren Norred, to represent her in a successful court case to overturn BISD’s decision; hence, we now have a special election on August 20th.

Had Nona turned in her botched application 5+ or more days earlier, Nona could have written in on the application:

  • Daffy Duck running for Congress,
  • LaTingTing Shaquanda running for President of PETA,
  • Cona Nollins running for Treasurer of The Federal Reservations Department,

…..or anything else she wanted.

BISD then would have notified Nona, Nona could have corrected the application & resubmitted it, and Burleson voters would have had a regular school board election.

That’s IF she had turned it in 5+ days earlier before the last hour of the last day to file.

According to Texas Election Law, the organization has 5 days to notify the applicant which BISD did.

Then, FAR AFTER the Texas Elections Laws have stated that an incorrect application can be corrected (almost a month later ; not five days), Nona finally decides to email the state’s elections office and asks for their opinion. Again, Nona waited a full MONTH later to email TX elections office to get their input.

The state’s opinion is that the incorrect application ‘could’ have been accepted as it was filled out, which is totally fine.

However, (key point)—> she played the whole ‘wait-till-the-last-minute‘ game, which put her OUTSIDE the window to submit a correct application.

In 2021 did Johnson County put a levy on your property for $699.62?

What do Burleson voters feel on this topic? How does it sit with the voters to know that someone might be in charge of millions of dollars in a School District budget, yet can not budget ~$700 a year (which comes to $58/month) to pay their own property tax

Since there was money bilked from BISD by fraudulently logging hours, there should have been an excess of funding in your wallet. So why were you not able to pay those property taxes yourself?

Although we see more and more cases of corruption in the news everyday, does having personal financial liabilities like this increase the chances of a candidate running for an elected office of being open to further corporate financial liabilities if theyx

Were those delinquent property taxes paid by Tiffany Hurd?

Tiffany Carlen Hurd Paying Nona Collins Reed’s levied property taxes
On August 8th 2022, Tiffany Hurd paid Nona’s levied back taxes.

Do Burleson Voters know that almost each and every time that Nona has some type of ‘manufactured crisis’ that she has to then have someone else bail her out? …of the preventable situation in which she and her family created in-and-of-themselves?

How do the voters feel about someone having to consistently get an external bail out for their own poor choices?x

On a recent JoCo Show, some mentioned you may have claimed that you were “never notified” regarding the BISD election. Yet educated voters can see a email showing the contrary. This seems a bit deceptive. Can you please clarify?

Some residents have questioned Nona claiming that she was never notified about the actual date of the election. Perhaps the resident was speaking about an episode of a JoCo Show, or perhaps this claim was made via other communication modalities: email, text message, in person. Regardless of how it was communicated, if Nona made the claim that she was somehow never notified of the date of the election, the email above would indeed show that Nona was actually notified.

From what I read, she was under investigation and did not stick around to get her name cleared. Why would she not stay and have her attorney clear her name?

This was another comment from one of the voters. And it bears a good point. So far, Nona has had to hire a lawyer to negotiate the terms of her separation from BISD. Nona also hired a lawyer once she botched the initial filling out of the application. So voters know that Nona has no hesitation to lawyer up once something that she’s involved with – turns south.

Instead of having the lawyer negotiate the settlement agreement, why was the lawyer not instructed to clear Nona of any wrongdoings?

Nona’s Claims in front of 3rd grade students

While it’s great to have friends come on the JoCo Show and talk about their social experience with a candidate, has Nona ever mentioned to Burleson ISD voters the following incident in front of a group of THIRD GRADE STUDENTS?

Nona made some pretty bold claims in front of third graders. Yes, you read that right – THIRD GRADERS. Her claim was that her grandchild was being touched in an inappropriate way.

This claim clearly spoken by candidate Nona in front of the innocent THIRD GRADE children and then relayed to the parent who contacted the school’s principle.

Can Nona back up these claims with a police report or BISD investigation? If nothing of the sort exists, then can Burleson voters trust the claims (which, again, she made in front of 3rd graders) that her child was being touched inappropriately.

What do Burleson Voters think about a candidate who makes comments like the above to 3rd graders?x

Mr. Allard brought up a concern that this campaign is purely about retaliation/retribution. Can you explain to the voters why this is NOT the case?

Please leave a feedback on thisx

You mention ‘camp’ in regards to the incumbent. Do you feel that there is actually a camp? -or- Do you realize there are thousands of Burleson voters who are tired of people lying?

Voters are tired of being lied to.

There’s a growing sentiment, not just in Burleson, but nationwide in which people on either side of the isle, rich or poor, any color, any religion, any gender, …everyone… they are setting healthy boundaries against people who lie to them. It’s quite difficult for a candidate to claim “The Truth” and then expect voters to believe them.

(community submitted questions)

After publishing this initially, here’s some more questions that have come up. As always, Nona is free to comment, address these questions, here, elsewhere, on the JoCo Show, on her innertubes site, on her Space/Gram/Tube/Tok/Gab/Telegram/Signal/ social(s), or anywhere else. But these questions, along with the ones above, will probably still remain unaddressed.

Does Nona cognitively comprehend where the “mudslinging politics” is coming from? Or does she anticipate running for election without residents making open records requests and fact checking her claims? Does Nona truly want to play on residents having that blind trust in her claims?

As thousands of Burleson residents have been here for three, four, or even FIVE 🙋‍♂️👋 generations, can Nona point to any other local races where “Burleson is notorious for it’s vile, mudslinging politics“? Any race at all? …………………ever?

Or is it just her?

You mention ‘witch hunt’ in regards to BISD employees. Do you feel that BISD voters would be better served by anti-witch-hunt ordinances being passed by BISD?

Is there a Texas law against hunting for witches? Is there a limit as to how many witches BISD voters can hunt each season? When does witch hunting season even begin in BISD? If BISD voters find a dwarf witch, do they have to throw it back? If a witch is successfully hunted, where does one get it processed at? If Burleson residents go for a witch hunt on a beach, would it be called a Sand Witch?


Separation agreement & Duties for BISD

Last question. Does Nona understand that she might very well be in complete and total violation of her own separation agreement which terminated her relationship with BISD? And does Nona have even the slightest clue the level of liability on HER part if she wins this election?

(This is where I had to pay someone for their actual ‘legal advice’)

Nona’s separation papers clearly articulate the agreed upon conditions of her employment termination, right? So, let’s again look at it. And one specific portion of the separation agreement needs to be strongly highlighted.

Line 1 of the separation agreement states the following:

Reed will perform no further duties for BISD as of the date of her resignation

Settlement Agreement re Nona Reed

Part of the agreement which Nona’s lawyer got the ISD to agree to was that Nona would no longer perform any duties for our Burleson ISD. So, Nona might have a HUGE liability for herself if she actually does get elected.

Getting elected to the school board would definitively qualify as performing a duty for BISD! There’s no two ways around that fact. No denial. No back peddling. No deleting Facebook comments. No scrubbing emails. No justifying the action with a baseless claim which wouldn’t hold up in court. Nona would absolutely be now performing duties for BISD.

Fancy smancy lawyer that I had to pay for clarification on this issue. It was money well spent 👍

That would make Nona’s separation agreement completely and entirely voided!

Let’s type that in big, bold, all caps, maybe even underlined, italics for the folks in the back.


Once that agreement is breached, all of those agreed upon line items would become void.

BISD can/could fully submit all their findings to the Texas Education Agency.

“….and agrees to not submit the matter to the BISD Board to pursue sanctions against Ms. Reed for her late resignation.” That part now becomes null and void as well. And BISD Board could/can now pursue sanctions for her late resignation.

The District will cease its investigation into Reed’s use of, and the recording of, available leave in the 2011 – 2012, 2012 — 2013, and 2013 – 2014 school years.” Again, all of those investigations can/could be reopened if Nona voids the conditions of her separation agreement.

The District waives any and all claims against Reed related to its investigation
into her conduct and her late resignation of her employment, whether arising in law or equity, and agrees not to report her late resignation to the Texas Education Agency, or to seek sanctions for said late resignation.
” If by chance, Nona does win the election, BISD can/could now send all of those pages and pages of key fob logs, Skyward time logs, 30+ days of missed dyslexia appointments, inappropriate claims in front of 3rd graders, and everything else straight to the TEA.

These questions came in after this article was initially published.

Did Nona Ever Address Jamie’s Question about Christian Values on the JoCo Show?

Jamie Stanford Arrested for Assault Causing Bodily Injury to a Family Member

As city council member Jimmy Stanford is asking questions of candidate Nona, in the comment feed for the JoCo Radio show, we see Jamie Stanford (wife of council member Jimmy Stanford) who was arrested for ‘Assault Causing Bodily Injury to a Family Member’ earlier this year, asking if candidate Nona will be “voting for Christian biblical values”. Again, this is the same council member’s wife who was arrested for ‘Assault Causing Bodily Injury to a Family Member’.

And did Nona ever address Jamie Stanford’s question? Nope. Not at all.

Nona mentioned several times that she would post her teacher evals. Has that happened anywhere?

Her Website? Truth Social? Gab? Tweeder Chirp? Facebook campaign page (now taken down)? Smoke Signal? Carrier pigeon? Anywhere? Has anyone in the community seen candidate Nona Reed follow through with her claim that she is going to post these teacher evals?

As a community, we should all remember that there is a special election for Burleson Independent School District Place 1. Early voting is going on from now ’till Tuesday at the BISD admin building.

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