Councilmember Jimmy & Jamie Stanford's son, David, caught trespassing at Centennial High School.

David Stanford is the son of Council Member Jimmy Stanford and was home schooled until graduating.

David had convinced three other Centennial High school students to let him into the building. (More on that later in the article)

Picture of David Stanford sent in from resident. Appears to be a Facebook post from council member Jimmy Stanford’s Facebook page.

At approximately 1:15 in the afternoon, Officer Rousseau was told that there was someone on the campus that was not a Centennial High School Student. One of the assistant principals took David to the office where Officer Rousseau met with them.

Jimmy’s son, David, then decided to tell BPD’s Officer Rousseau that “he had graduated from home school and wanted to know what public schools were like.” That’s when David Stanford also admitted that he had coordinated with the three other Centennial High School students for them to let him into the building.

Quick thinking by another student and the assistant principal and quick reaction from Officer Rousseau, swiftly brought this situation to a close.

David Stanford was escorted off the property of Centennial High School and a Criminal Trespass citation was mailed to the Stanford residence.

Following is a full copy of Burleson Police Department’s Incident Report with BPD’s Officer Rousseau’s narrative on the last page.

While the three students have received disciplinary action through the school, it’s important to keep all of this in perspective.

We, as a community, must always remember to be vigilant and aware of any and all threats to our children and our schools. Some times an incident can come from outside the walls of the school and an unknown person can cause complete chaos and harm.

Yet, in many instances like this one, this was someone who was familiar to the community. Notice in Officer Rousseau’s narrative, he states that a young lady was quick to mention that Council Member Jimmy Stanford’s son David “did not go to school here”.

First & foremost, to that young lady:
The community THANKS YOU!

Now, she wasn’t the only one who reacted appropriately and quickly. The assistant principal at Centennial was very smart in asking the Stanford’s son David to come to the office to ‘talk’. In doing so, the assistant principal at Centennial handled the situation with quick care and finesse.

Not only that, but BPD’s officer Rousseau’s actions were both quite appropriate and swift as well. A Criminal Trespass notice was mailed to the Stanford’s residence & David Stanford was escorted off of BISD property. Jimmy and Jamie’s son will be promptly arrested next time he steps foot on 201 S. Hurst which is Centennial High School.

It can’t be stressed enough, especially during Burleson’s time of growth, that we make sure all officers are available for these types of situations. One of the smartest ways that a community does that is by making sure that others are not making hoax threats, retaliatory claims, and non-emergency calls which tie up public resources.

It should also be noted that Burleson Police Department continues to be the most reliable resource to protect our public schools here in Burleson.

Added: Yes, this is the son of Jamie Stanford who was earlier arrested for Assaulting a Family Member

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