Covid Cancels Burleson's Fireworks and Parade
Covid Cancels Burleson's Fireworks and Parade

So I think it’s important on a couple of levels here to to show that we are above the Texas average right now at 18%

Burleson Fire Department Assistant Chief

Noteworthy From Video:

  • Tested 1,985 individuals in the (people that live around and/or near Burleson)
  • Of those 697 were Burleson residents.

18% positivity rate was for all individuals tested. So that would be Burleson ‘residents’ and also those that live in the area who came to the BRiCk to get their testing done.

Schertz, San Marcos, New Braunfels, Leon Valley, Helotes, Boerne, Denton, Farmers Branch, Georgetown, Cedar Park, Marble Falls, Hutto, Taylor, Lago Vista, Addison, Garland, Hurst, Irving, Lewisville and Rowlett have all cancelled their 4th of July events.

Mayor Price of Fort Worth was only able to continue with their fireworks display once the vendor replaced the shells with larger explosions so that the fireworks can be viewed from home. That move helped prevent those who can NOT seem to adhere to social distancing from gathering together. And, those who will NOT wear a mask from gathering around those who do want to be protected from the spread of COVID-19.

Could Burleson have pulled off that routine? Possibly. But even if the city was able to get the vendor to put in larger shells, does that imply that the residents of Burleson and surrounding areas would have adhered to the ‘no social gathering’ rule? Of course not.

Regardless of how one wants to look at it if the city the citizens are not doing what they’re supposed to the city, any City, has no choice but to cancel the events.

What’s incredible is all the people who want to gripe at the protesters on one hand for Gathering in large groups. Yet at the same time we have in our humble city, groups of people wanting to protest wearing a mask. And quite often times these are the same demographics of the exact same people who are griping and complaining on both ends of the spectrum.

On one hand some want to gripe and complain about people and individuals gathering for even our own protest for George Floyd here in the city.

And then, if you’ll notice, Those exact same people will gripe and protest about refusing to wear a mask. They complain that the government (meaning the city) did nothing to intervene when the George Floyd protest happened. Yet simultaneously, you’ll find the same group of people want to throw a fit gripe and complain that the city did do something by canceling the parade and the fireworks show to stop the spread of covid-19.

The same group of people will somehow claim that electing a different mayor will somehow solve the problem. As we all know this year mayor Ken shetter has an opponent for mayor.

If Chris Fletcher was elected mayor would he look at the increased number of positive covid-19 cases which are almost double that of the state of Texas, and decided: “Let’s go ahead and have a parade? Let’s go ahead and have the Fourth of July fireworks show? Let’s go ahead and encourage that exact same demographic of people who have now cause the number of covid-19 positive cases to literally double over that of the whole state of Texas, to all gather around on the softball fields, let’s all gather together up and down Johnson, let’s all gather together without are facemasks amongst those who do want to be protected, and let’s just go right on ahead and have this firework show? Let’s go right ahead and have this parade?

It seems as though people think that electing a different mayor would suddenly make the number of positive test covid-19 go away. Some how some people believe and think possibly putting a different mayor will suddenly make a change in the behaviors of people.

Possibly electing a different mayor will suddenly show to everyone that masks don’t do anything all of a sudden. Net wearing a mask to prevent the spread of covid-19 is obviously a hoax.

Perhaps if a different mayor was elected so now the government (the city government), would magically and suddenly say “Wow look at all these positive test of covid-19 for Burleson and our surrounding areas”.

Then they (these newly elected officials) would suddenly say something like, “Wow Let’s go ahead and have, support, promote, enable and facilitate a parade and fireworks show which is full of individuals who make up blatant conscious choice to not wear mask, not social distance and spread the disease to others.”

It’s not the mayor who matters. It’s not the city council that matters. It’s the choices and the decisions that residents make which matter the most.

If Jesus were the mayor, and Jesus himself saw that the residents of Burleson (and those in the surrounding areas) had fully doubled the state of Texas positive cases for covid-19……. And Jesus himself said “yeah this is a great idea to keeps social gathering, keep having large events, keep enabling those who simply cannot follow the simplest of directives” do you think that Jesus himself would be voted out of office? It’s just something to think about. But Jesus himself we’re toxic enabler the facilitated events and gatherings knowing full well that the people inside those gatherings would not give a damn about their fellow citizens enough to take any type of social precautions, then Jesus Christ himself would probably be voted out of office.

And since everything seems to be political nowadays….

😲 What if Trump, the almighty Donald Trump, was mayor of Burleson? And Donald Trump himself said, “Hey look: the residents in the Burleson area have almost doubled the amount of positive test for Coronavirus. Let’s have a large social gathering in Burleson. I’m Trump. I have a great idea: let’s have parades and Fourth of July firework shows where we know damn good and well that people will not have any social responsibility for their fellow man ”

What if the almighty and all praised Donald Trump himself decided to do that? Do you think that person would be praised and revered and re-elected back in the office?

This is the bridge of the USS Wasp (LHD-1). The people and sailors at the helm of the wheel, and plotting navigation, and on the bridge… all these individuals change out every 2 hours or 4 hours (or some other time – depending on what operations are/are not happening.) Does it matter whom is on watch at any given position at any time period? No.

Everyone’s job is to keep the ship on course.

As harriers take off and land on the flight deck – keep the ship on course.

As LCAC (hovercraft) come in and out of the stern gate in the back – you must keep the ship on course.

As the amount of fuel needed to take on at the next port is calculated, did the ship go 4 degrees off course for 5 hours? Or did everyone keep the ship on course?

See it really doesn’t matter who is at the Helm of the ship as long as they are not driving it into an iceberg. And encouraging, permitting, enabling people to gather together in large crowds, after seeing the numbers which are more than double the state of Texas, is simply irresponsible.

But that’s not where the real responsibility ultimately lies. The real responsibility isn’t with the mayor or a whopping six city council members. Out of all the residence in Burleson that’s a total of 7 people.

The real responsibility begins with the individuals of and around in the Burleson area.

  1. When a substantial amount of individuals simply disregard every preventive measure which is used and set forth to stop the spread of the Coronavirus….
  2. When a large group of individuals make individual choices to throw Facebook fits about wearing a stupid mask….
  3. When enough people decide that they are not going to believe anything in the world except their own cognitive bias and their own fear-mongering beliefs that “the government” is infringing on their constitutional freedom to not wear masks, not comply with social distancing rules, not take their own preventive measures to inhibit the spread of the Coronavirus, then what does one expect “the government” (local city elected officials) to do?

Oh look, “the government” (local city officials) had to make a decision which was best for everyone in the city to shut down social gatherings for the 4th of July and cancel the parade and the fireworks show.

Wow. Do you really wonder ‘why’?

Covid Cancels Burleson’s Fireworks and Parade

Don’t act shocked.

Many of the individuals complaining about the city’s decision to cancel the parade and the fireworks show should really spend a good couple of hours looking in the mirror.

If you can wedgie a piece of cloth between your butt cheeks so that a panty line doesn’t show on your badunka-hugging spandex while making a Target run, then you can wear masks during the time that you are out in public.

If you can drive around town in a Kia Optima wearing a cowboy hat, yes wearing the hat INSIDE the car, and then pull up to your Lennar suburban house, then clearly that hat did not have too much functional value!

And, yes anyone can wear a mask for the few hours that you are out public to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

One can’t help but wonder if the citizens of Burleson realize how many people wear a mask almost all day at work. What if those people simply decide,

“Hey guess what patient: I don’t give a damn about your safety and health. And because I happened to feel that this mask is representative of the government infringing on my personal liberties & freedom of choice, then you get to have Covid-19 AND any other of the other patient’s communicable diseases that I will spread to you.”

-said no medical professional ever

What about the number of individuals who roll up a little piece of foam and jab it in their ear canal? Do those people simply say to themselves,

“This is momentarily uncomfortable so I think I damaged my own hearing for the rest of my life?”

-How’s that working for ya? I said “HOW IS THAT…” nevermind.

No. They put the earplugs in and keep working and go about their day without complaining by simply taking the necessary safety steps implemented and doing what they are told.

Are those ☝ people considered “sheep”?

Look, we live in a City of Character. There’s only ONE Burleson. And we ALL have to live here.

Act like you have any sense of Characterat all– and do everything that is necessary to stop the spread of Covid-19.

If you think masks are a deep state conspiracy lead by a bunch of left-wing radicalized socialist, then simply have the decency and character to stay home.

If you believe that the whole Coronavirus is made up because of an ‘election year’, then take the tin foil hat and squeeze it on tightly as you stay home.

Take whatever set of “beliefs” that you have and realize something:

The City of Burleson had to shut down the 4th of July parade and fireworks show because of the behaviors and actions of ……{{drumroll}}…. the actions and decisions of Burleson residents!

So, let’s get this straight….. Somehow the local city elected officials apparently “should have” (past tense) done something to impede the social gatherings for the George Floyd protest. Yet when the city does do something (like cancel the social gathering events of a parade and fireworks), then it is time for some to throw a fit about their freedom and civil liberties being infringed upon?

And this is after seeing the number of positive tests DOUBLE that of the state? Let’s apply some thought to this for a few moments.

One doesn’t get to whine about local officials not doing something, then while again when they DO take action.

Were those same people griping, Facebooking, complaining, whining like a 2 year old, when the CITY did NOT impede on their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT or CIVIL LIBERTY to have a peaceful protest?


Yet, for some reason, if a local city government does do something, then suddenly it’s “let’s play the victim” time and commence to griping about those same city officials who are suddenly “impeding” on their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS ………

… what? A parade? Fireworks?

Where in the constitution of Texas or the United States does it say that you have a constitutional right to a parade and fireworks show? It doesn’t! Act like you’ve got some CHARACTER.

Especially after some of those same citizens want to proudly boast that they will not social distance…..

Most of those same citizens are somehow proud that they will not put a stupid face covering on…..

Look in the mirror and see if that makes a lick of sense.

Yet it’s time to take to the FakeBook posts and the Spacebook Groups so that they can whine like a fork wielding little baby who just found out that electrical socket protectors have been installed throughout the house.

Wow. And there’s simply no understanding at all as to why all of those little plastic electrical socket protectors have been installed.

It IS the fault of some of the residents around the area that we are in this situation. Regardless if that is cognitively, mentally, and rationally understood – or not.

Are you contributing more than you criticize? Seriously, think about that for a few minutes. If all you’re doing is criticizing and not doing anything to contribute to slowing the spread of Coronavirus, then you are the problem. If you criticize and wear a mask and social distance and wash your hands, then you are criticizing and being part of the solution.

However, if all you’re doing is simply criticizing and throwing a fit about wearing a mask and not social distancing and not washing your hands, then you you are the problem.

Electing Chris Fletcher, Ken Shetter, Daffy Duck, Jesus Christ, Donald Trump, or Mickey Mouse will NOT solve anything if the actual behavior does not change.

We live in a City of Character. There’s only ONE Burleson. And we ALL have to live here.

Lets run a hypothetical “what if” scenario.

As of the most recent results one in five people have tested positive for Covid-19. Now what if we were to magically snap our fingers and “poof” everyone in Burleson and the surrounding areas was magically and instantly tested.

Does anyone with rational thinking understand that around 20% (18% to be exact) or one in five, of the population of Burleson equates to a few thousand people IF that baseline was extended to everyone getting tested?

However, let’s back those numbers down a bit. Let’s say that instead of one in five people testing positive it was only 1 in 10 people tested that are testing positive for covid-19.

💡 Remember: You can show NO symptoms and still test positive.

So at a 10% rate of testing positive (instead of ~18%), and around 36,000 adults here in Burleson, and given the reality that this is an asymptomatic virus (meaning that you CAN have it with ZERO symptoms which might warrant one to go and get a test), more than likely there are several thousand people walking around Burleson with the Coronavirus.

Look, cancelling the parade was a tough call. But it was discussed with the Lions Club the night before it was discussed again and decided on during Burleson’s City Council meeting.

Is it a tough call to have to make? Sure. Based on the numbers and behaviors that were presented to the city during the opening of the meeting, one can’t help but wonder how many more of us would have made the same decision.

By the way, you do take measures and precautions to prevent kiddos from inserting keys, forks and anything else into those electrical sockets, don’t you?

Yet local city leaders are expected to permit and allow such infantile and self-harming behavior?

However, some were still not seeing the bigger picture and the implications that encouraging mass gatherings would have.

Not quite accurate. Anyone could have filled out a speaker card and voiced their opinion. Brenda Gammon was one of the few who did, & she asked why the City of Burleson owned a cemetary. To which, her question was answered. And, anyone who wanted could have filled out a “speaker card” online and had their opinion heard.

💡 Reality Check: If one has an innertube connection to access the Facebooks for comments, then those same individuals had the same access to fill out a speaker card. Remember that!

And, let’s be very crystal clear with consistent clarity: “It [the meeting] was held via Zoom so” ANYONE on the face of the planet could watch it (….and fill out a speaker card)!


Others believe that “this is part of the end game” and that “we are in the last days”. That’s quite an interesting perspective.

Then we have folks like Nicole Floyd Perdue.

Apparently Burleson resident Nicole Floyd Perdue is quite proud that she chose not to wear a mask into Kroger.

And, then decides to call others a “snowflake”. Interesting.

That was a very well articulated point Marene.

So, what are the chances that Nicole has been tested negative to absolutely affirm that she does not have Covid-19 with no symptoms? Feel free to reach out and let the other residents in Burleson know if you’ve been tested Nicole!

Now, what is the likelihood that there are hundreds and hundreds of “Nicole(s)” out and about in our city who proudly and boldly post about their inability to simply wear a mask during the time that the shop at Kroger?

Pretty good chances, right?

What’s the likelihood that Kroger had someone specifically designated to walk behind each and every one of the bold and proud shoppers like Nicole?

Do you think that Nicole had someone walking behind her catching any little Covid particles that she may or may not have been breathing out? (Remember, until and unless everyone actually gets purposefully tested, symptoms or not, you don’t know if the person next to you has it or not.)

Was there someone walking behind the Nicole(s) in Burleson to wipe off the avocados that she sifted through as she found the ones that she wanted? What about the milk jug that she looked at the date on and then put back in the cooler.

Think along the lines of behavioral psychology here. You don’t need a Masters or PhD to see where this is going.

The box of cereal that was looked at and put back – did it get wiped off? The 12 pack of Dr. Pepper, then realized the 24 pack was on sale – what about that one? On and on it goes….

Again, are all the Nicole(s) of Burleson tested? No. They are not.

However, let’s find a positive message from Nicole and all these “lions” who call other people “sheep”:


👍Thanks for the notice Nicole👍

Now, let’s remind everyone again what our Burleson area has accomplished with all of this proud “#LionsNotSheep” behavior:

What you can find interesting is that a lot of these Burleson residents calling people sheep are…

…not wearing a mask to protect themselves and others…
…like all the other NON-sheep…
…who are possible “lions”, not sheep…
…who call other people sheep…
…yet refuse to wear a mask…
…like all the other sheep (sorry) “lions”…
…but are obviously not the sheep…
…who are definitely not…
…following the other sheep…
…who refuse to wear a mask…

Then we find this wonderful capitalist entrepreneur and musical genius named Suzy with this wonderfully responsible statement:

More about this ‘event’ in another article. But read again what Suzy wrote:

Having a large public show was possibly not “the right decision”. And this young lady used to produce the Mark Davis show. It doesn’t come much more conservative than that 👍 Yet unlike some, Suzy’s response was both honest and accurate! Great job Suzy!

Think about this for a second. let’s say you took 35,000 apples and put them in a barrel. And then you took a sample size of those apples of say only 1,000 apples and had those apples tested. If one in five of those apples came back as being rotten, what would happen if you went ahead and tested the other 34,000 apples?

See that’s the problem with testing and the Coronavirus. Only a small sample has been tested for the coronavirus so far. And the most recent data is showing that one in five people tested positive. Now let’s look at the criteria that Burleson has for their testing.

💡 The Burleson testing site mandates that you must have some type of doctor notation stating that you have a symptom. The Burleson testing site will not allow simply everyone to walk in and get tested.

Now remember, you do not have to have any symptoms to be a carrier and a transmitter of the covid-19 virus. So the city of Burleson looked at the existing testing numbers and saw that one in five people who were showing symptoms was testing positive.

But remember that was only a small sample of all the residents here in Burleson and the surrounding areas.

Those tests were only for people “showing” symptoms.

What about those who are “NOT CURRENTLY” showing any symptoms at all? Let’s all think about that for a few moments.

Now, remember our hypothetical situation where we could magically get test results from every individual in the city of Burleson instantaneously?

What would happen if that same baseline (of one in 5 / or technically 18%) of people tested were Covid 19 positive.

Remember, that even if we back that 18% down to 10% or one in 10 apples (people) in a city of 35,000 adults, that equates to a substantial amount of positive cases that NO ONE knows about!

Math problem: Ten percent of thirty five thousand is ____what___?

There are probably thousands and thousands and thousands of residence in the Burleson area who actually have covid-19 if everyone magically got tested.

But that isn’t going to happen as of right now. So, decisions have to be made.

Were they made by city officials in Schertz, San Marcos, New Braunfels, Leon Valley, Helotes, Boerne, Denton, Farmers Branch, Georgetown, Cedar Park, Marble Falls, Hutto, Taylor, Lago Vista, Addison, Garland, Hurst, Irving, Lewisville, Rowlett and Burleson as well? Yep.

And did the Lions Club make an attempt to still have the Parade just like the city attempted to be considerate of how-to implement a fireworks show? Yes. It was already discussed.

If you didn’t look at the whole picture, or didn’t watch the City Council meeting, remind yourself of this video right here:
This is Burleson Area looking at a mirror of our own actions.

If everything goes according to plans 😲, the parade & fireworks are back on in November. That’s only 14 weeks from now.

If you want it to happen, we have to do something about these numbers.

Let’s all think about the consequences of our actions and act like we live in
A City of Character.

Sadly, our community has become so polarized and hateful towards anyone who is viewed as “other.” We too often forget that a “divided house will fall” and that there are no “others” as we are all part of a large human family sharing the same city and are often surprisingly dependent on each other in various ways.

4th Generation Burleson Resident. Lifelong learner 📚 Long time listener 👂 Fan of adoption 👶, peanut butter & chocolate 🍫, and deception detection techniques 🤫

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