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What's It Like Outside?

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Does Blatant Satire equal Death Threats

A few days ago, a resident of Burleson posted this image on the innerwebs. Justin Galloway created what "should" have been...

Zero Tolerance

If there is something about you, your church, your non profit, or your organization that simply can NOT put the needs of...

Amber Alert

Although Center Texas is 3.5 hours away from Burleson, let's keep our eyes open for Zamya Whitaker! Here's what YOU need to...

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Sociopath:No Regret or Remorse

To the sociopath, nothing is ever their fault. There is always a reason, and that reason is often YOU.

Decide which side

Decide ahead of time which side of a story you're going to be on. Your motives will come out...

People from toxic families tend to share these 4 struggles

From this article:https://www.higherperspectives.com/toxic-family-struggles-2608498542.html 1. Communication is Difficult 2. Unnecessary Anxiety 3. Gaslighting and Abuse Raise Reality Questions ...

Is this how you want your daughters to act?

Had tv on while working, and i'm watching this new show called Face The Truth. Volume was minimal for background noise, then i had...

Delusional Disorder

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