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Details for Burleson’s 4th of July Parade

Unlike NASCAR, Burleson’s 4th of July Parade only turns right.

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Here’s the map for Burleson’s 4th of July Parade

As usual, Burleson’s 4th of July parade will begin staging and prep at Kerr Middle School (now called REALM 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️) then proceed on it’s usual route.

From the back of the school, parade floats will make a right and proceed down the back of the school along Irene street, turning right at Gregory, and then another right turn towards Johnson.

From there the parade will proceed by Whataburger, the Penzoil place, Lucas & Blessing, Burleson Child Development Center, The Post Office, Burleson’s Public Library, and then turn right at First Baptist Church.

After a few blocks in Old Town, Burleson’s 4th of July Parade floats will again make a sharp right at Warren Street. For those not too familiar, that would be the pivot at the corner where the Independent Financial Bank is.

Chief Cordell learning to catch the beat!

From there, the Parade will flow down Warren Street a few blocks, then turn right again at SW Gregory, and of course make the final right back onto Irene street. Finally a left and it’s back into the parking lot of the school.

…..sources say that is the ONLY left turn allowed on this route.

As usual, the parade will start at 9am. If you would like to find a good seat, it would be wise to get there early. How early? Usually folks have their chairs out as early as 7:30. A safe bet would be to find one of the back streets on the south end of the parade route. However, when the parade starts at 9, have your chairs ready because this year is going to be the best ever!

According to the Lions Club officials, no candy will be thrown out this year. However, after very careful due diligence and extensively articulated research, we have indeed found that there is absolutely no ordinance or law which prevents parade attendees from throwing candy at either the floats or each other.

Consequently this presents residents of Burleson with several viable and quite entertaining options 😏

Perhaps you would like to head over to Amazon and grab this:

https://amzn.to/37Idrgo 👈

Yes, that would be an 8 lb box which apparently contains around 450 pieces of candy! (this could get really fun, really fast!) Go ahead, click the image or the link, add it to your cart, and checkout. Then head back over here.

🤔💭 According to our highly skilled mathematical calculations and given the number of individuals who consistently turn out to our City’s 4th of July Parade, here’s how this should work:

If we have approximately 50 to 75 individuals who purchase this box of candy (and/or a few hundred folks run to HEB/ Wal-Mart to get candy like they do at Halloween) then we all need to simply line the parade as attendees.

From there, the candy can simply be catapulted (and/or gently launched) from one side of the street to the other.

Don’t worry, the kids will never know the difference. 👍

Here’s a simple checklist:

  • 👎Candy hurled at bitter ex(s)? No.
  • 👍Whataburger Taquitos thrown at Collin or Alex? YES! …and highly encouraged!
  • 👎Tootsie Rolls inserted into a Tee-Shirt Cannon & blasted all the way from from First Baptist then landing in the parking lot over at the Post Office? No. (not until the police chief leaves)
  • 👍Magically & Cordially making a bit of candy appear for the kiddos sitting to your right and left by gently throwing out a few pieces every few seconds? Absolutely! DEFINITELY!

Now, let’s get a bit more serious real fast. In an interview with Kim Malone from Burleson’s Lions Club, we can get a really clear look into what they do over at the Lions Club – it is much more than just a parade!

Each and every year, Burleson’s Lions Club puts on one of the most phenomenal parades! This year will be no different. It is still a great opportunity for residents to come out, meet one another, & practice waving awkwardly at people you know and see each and every day throughout the community.

So, what do YOU need to do to get YOUR Entry into the Parade?
Hold on a second and we’ll get to that part.

Come out and meet your fellow business owners, police, social organizations, wave at the kiddos in all the school clubs, say howdy to all the church folks, wave at the firetrucks, & watch your kiddos eyes light up as they see all the animals.

According to Ms. Malone, this year, the Burleson Lions Club is waiving the fee for entry into Burleson’s 4th of July Parade.

That’s right. It’s FREE to enter!

This year, Burleson’s Lions Club is COMPLETELY WAIVING the fee to enter a parade float!


It would be great if there were a RECORD NUMBER of floats this year!

We’re about to get into all the good that the Burleson Lions Club does throughout the community. The 4th of July Parade is simply ‘one’ event.

But think about what it would it would look like to have the BIGGEST parade this year. In a year (so far) that has had all sorts of ups and downs, wouldn’t it be great for Burleson to have the BIGGEST PARADE EVER!?!?!

It’s free to join. You can enter everything and anything possible. Want to enter your dog as a parade entry? Go for it. Every church? Sure! What about your non-profit advocacy group? Do it! A few adoption agencies opened here in town. What about those? Enter! Want to enter your church’s youth group as a separate float? Yep. That’s totally an option!

Click on the above link or this button right here to enter your business, church, church group, all 486 church groups, your school, your school group, all 486 school groups, your non-profit, have a truck or car for all of your non-profit groups, enter your car dealership, each department of your car dealership, your plumbing business, your carpet cleaning business, or anything else into this year’s parade!

Now, let’s hear more from Kim and the Lions Club regarding more of their community activities and outreach events: (as if a FREE PARADE wasn’t enough!)

Each year the Burleson Lions Club involves themselves in thousands of free eye screenings for BISD students. When a family cannot afford to have their children’s eyes examined, school nurses recommend and give a referral for the Burleson Lions Club.

That’s when the Burleson Lions Club steps in and provides the funds and resources necessary to have a local ophthalmologist here in Burleson examine the student size at absolutely no cost to the family.

One of the most important aspects of learning is being able to see clearly and comprehend, both near and far, what is being presented on both the board and in paperwork as well. And that’s when the Burleson Lions Club steps in and provides the glasses and the screenings necessary for children to learn with a clear vision!

And, it’s not just the kiddos who receive the blessings of our Burleson Lions Club. Here’s Keith Kelly presenting Catina who received optical sensors which empower her to see and recognize objects near and far, from people and family members to character recognition on papers & electronic devices.

Catina Degrates: Recipient of the New Eyeglass Technology ORCAM – Glasses with an adaptive device that Does FACIAL RECOGNITION & READS TEXT, PRINT, & SO many more Amazing Functions to assist the Blind & Vision Impaired

Again, if you would like to enter yourself into the parade this year, the Lions Club is waiving the entry fee – so it is completely FREE!

Go visit their website, or simply pop an email over to sponsorship@burlesonlions.org

A Live Feed will be available on The City of Burleson’s Facebook page for those who will not be able to personally attend. But for those able bodied folks who DO want to get out of the house and come cheer on our fellow Burleson residents – COME OUT!

We’ll see you there as the Burleson Lions Club presents Burleson’s 4th July Parade!

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