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Does Blatant Satire equal Death Threats

Texas Penal Code is very clear regarding Death Threats. But will justice be served?

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Here’s an adjacent photo that we see on George Dossett’s Facebook profile.

Yes, that would be Chief Cordell along with Ken Shetter awarding George Dossett with a Certificate of Excellence.

So, let’s get this straight: One minute George Dossett is awarded accommodating praise from the Burleson Police Department and the City of Burleson’s Mayor….

Yet in another instance, the same George Dossett is proudly boasting death threats that he will find this Justin Galloway and “blast his [Justin Galloway] A*s out of existence” & that George Dossett is “looking for you now”.

That is indeed quite disturbing dialogue coming from a blatant satire post from Justin Galloway.

If someone like George Dossett can be so easily angered by such satire, to the point of spurring on and instigating death threats, then we can surely expect to see the same level of integrity coming from someone who has received a Certificate of Excellence, right?

Well…… that’s not even remotely a reality. Look what else we find on George Dossett’s timeline:

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