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Does Blatant Satire equal Death Threats

Texas Penal Code is very clear regarding Death Threats. But will justice be served?

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“Yup, spawn of Beetlejuice” reads Mr. George Dossett’s comment on this posting:

So, surely this George Dossett has received similar death threats of someone wanting to find out where he lives and blast George’s [blessed assurance] out existence, right?

Nope. Not even one death threat to George appears as a result of such similar content. And let’s remember, Justin’s post contained really, really, really blatant satire.

It is quite alarming that anyone could become so easily angered to retaliate with death threats to another human when George’s own timeline contains content calling another person the “spawn of Beetlejuice!”

However, if George did receive such similar threats reflecting the same content that he said to Justin, could anyone with reasonable judgement think of what this George fellow would do?

Let’s remember this photo from George himself.

More than likely, (well one would hope) George would probably run down to BPD and press charges if he were to receive the similar dialogue that he echoed to Justin.

Of course, given the current state of dialogue we see from George, he could always take matters into his own hands and become a vigilante with a gun.

If George were to receive the exact same dialogue, would a personality like that simply “let it go” or just “keep scrolling”?

Behaviorally speaking? Probably not.

Remember the Burleson resident who posted the blatant satire in the first place? Yes. He has a name. So what happens when Justin takes this to the Burleson Police Department? Let’s find out.

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