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Does Blatant Satire equal Death Threats

Texas Penal Code is very clear regarding Death Threats. But will justice be served?

Will George Dossett get some type of “free pass” in receiving just and fair due diligence because of his prior interaction with the Burleson Police Department?

As a community, we can follow the progress by simply making an Open Records Request here:


We did reach out to Justin, & he has mentioned that all the screenshots containing George Dossett’s death threats have been forwarded to the Burleson Police Department.

No word yet from George Dossett on his death threats to Justin Galloway.

But we as a community can trust and anticipate that the Burleson Police Department will protect all citizens in our City of Character.

It doesn’t matter what side of the political isle you sit on. Free speech does not – EVER – include the right to make death threats of killing, murdering, or instigating any type of harm.

Did Justin Galloway’s blatant satire warrant George Dossett to be in “imminent fear of his life” or any type of situation which would cause George to need to retaliate with death threats?


Character matters. We only have one City of Character. Act like your Character Matters!

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