A few days ago, a resident of Burleson posted this image on the innerwebs. Justin Galloway created what “should” have been interpreted as blatant satire. This was the image that Brenda Gammon then shared in various “Burleson Groups”.

Being Gay or Lesbian will be illegal again (unless Lesbians are hot and approved by Trump)
COVID will be declared cured
Anyone talking badly about Mayor Fletcher will be jailed and possibly murdered….

So, watch what happened next. Who do the death threats come from? It might surprise some, but not quite everyone.

Here is another resident of Burleson. His name is George Dossett. George Dossett has some quite alarming rhetoric for Justin. And, before we get into the irony of George Dossett’s predicament, let’s make sure that we clearly see what George Dossett’s comments of death threats to Justin look like.

In a now-deleted comment, here’s what George Dossett said:

Hey f*ckhead. Let me know where you live and I promise to blast your a*s out of existence.
looking for you now
no, a promise.

George Dossett

Now, remember we mentioned that there was a horrific bit of a character flaw in George Dossett’s death threats to Justin Galloway?

As if making death threats to “blast your A*s out of existence” wasn’t enough, watch what we find on George Dossett’s profile.

Here’s an adjacent photo that we see on George Dossett’s Facebook profile.

Yes, that would be Chief Cordell along with Ken Shetter awarding George Dossett with a Certificate of Excellence.

So, let’s get this straight: One minute George Dossett is awarded accommodating praise from the Burleson Police Department and the City of Burleson’s Mayor….

Yet in another instance, the same George Dossett is proudly boasting death threats that he will find this Justin Galloway and “blast his [Justin Galloway] A*s out of existence” & that George Dossett is “looking for you now”.

That is indeed quite disturbing dialogue coming from a blatant satire post from Justin Galloway.

If someone like George Dossett can be so easily angered by such satire, to the point of spurring on and instigating death threats, then we can surely expect to see the same level of integrity coming from someone who has received a Certificate of Excellence, right?

Well…… that’s not even remotely a reality. Look what else we find on George Dossett’s timeline:

“Yup, spawn of Beetlejuice” reads Mr. George Dossett’s comment on this posting:

So, surely this George Dossett has received similar death threats of someone wanting to find out where he lives and blast George’s [blessed assurance] out existence, right?

Nope. Not even one death threat to George appears as a result of such similar content. And let’s remember, Justin’s post contained really, really, really blatant satire.

It is quite alarming that anyone could become so easily angered to retaliate with death threats to another human when George’s own timeline contains content calling another person the “spawn of Beetlejuice!”

However, if George did receive such similar threats reflecting the same content that he said to Justin, could anyone with reasonable judgement think of what this George fellow would do?

Let’s remember this photo from George himself.

More than likely, (well one would hope) George would probably run down to BPD and press charges if he were to receive the similar dialogue that he echoed to Justin.

Of course, given the current state of dialogue we see from George, he could always take matters into his own hands and become a vigilante with a gun.

If George were to receive the exact same dialogue, would a personality like that simply “let it go” or just “keep scrolling”?

Behaviorally speaking? Probably not.

Remember the Burleson resident who posted the blatant satire in the first place? Yes. He has a name. So what happens when Justin takes this to the Burleson Police Department? Let’s find out.

Texas Penal Code § 42.07(a)(2) is quite clear on what Burleson Police Department will (should) do to handle this situation:

(a) A person commits an offense if, with intent to harass, annoy, alarm, abuse, torment, or embarrass another, the person:

(2) threatens, in a manner reasonably likely to alarm the person receiving the threat, to inflict bodily injury on the person or to commit a felony against the person, a member of the person’s family or household, or the person’s property;

And the fine for Mr. George Dossett’s is also clearly defined:

Assault By Threat is a Class C Misdemeanor and:

Sec. 12.23. CLASS C MISDEMEANOR. An individual adjudged guilty of a Class C misdemeanor shall be punished by a fine not to exceed $500.

“In cooperation with the community” we can anticipate Burleson Police Department protecting the community, right? George Dossett’s charges should result in the community being protected by seeing a charge appear in the next few days.

However…. will that actually happen?

Will George Dossett get some type of “free pass” in receiving just and fair due diligence because of his prior interaction with the Burleson Police Department?

As a community, we can follow the progress by simply making an Open Records Request here:


We did reach out to Justin, & he has mentioned that all the screenshots containing George Dossett’s death threats have been forwarded to the Burleson Police Department.

No word yet from George Dossett on his death threats to Justin Galloway.

But we as a community can trust and anticipate that the Burleson Police Department will protect all citizens in our City of Character.

It doesn’t matter what side of the political isle you sit on. Free speech does not – EVER – include the right to make death threats of killing, murdering, or instigating any type of harm.

Did Justin Galloway’s blatant satire warrant George Dossett to be in “imminent fear of his life” or any type of situation which would cause George to need to retaliate with death threats?


Character matters. We only have one City of Character. Act like your Character Matters!

4th Generation Burleson Resident. Lifelong learner 📚 Long time listener 👂 Fan of adoption 👶, peanut butter & chocolate 🍫, and deception detection techniques 🤫
Email news@oneburleson.com

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