You’ve left.

The abuse.

It’s gone.

It’s over.

You’ve moved on.

Now what.

The abuse is still in your head. The lies are still in your soul. The hurt is still in your heart.

Is proper therapy and counselling replaced with enabling and hoarding the pain?

Do you turn to Twitter #hashtags to reinforce your anger, or do you assign the anger to the person who hurt you and have healthy relationships?

Does Facebook fuel your hatred or do you seek proper forgiveness so that your hatred does NOT come out on someone else?

Victims evade responsibility. It’s the responsibility that comes after you’ve left. After the abuse is over. After the abuser is gone. Victims take responsibility for the pain, the anger, and bitterness that has warped their soul.

Life can not be led from one motivational quote to the next. However there is one that rings true:

It’s not what happens to you, it’s how you deal with it.

You’ve been hurt. We get it. Both men and women have been hurt by abuse, domestic violence, corrupt churches, or even family members.

When you’ve moved on from the one that hurt you; when the abuser is no longer a part of your relationship, life still goes on.

Are you going to live your life evading the responsibility that you have to be healthy, loving, forgiving, have a healthy perspective of others?

Are you willing to see that not all men & not all women are the ones that hurt you?

Are you wiling to take on the responsibility that comes with healing.

Are you going to evade responsibility and continue to relive the hurt?

Are you going to evade responsibility and continue to relive the hurt?

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