It’s not okay to make a false report to a Jewish community in San Francisco.

It’s not ok to make a false bomb threat to a place of employment out of resentment.

It’s not a joke to make false threats to a school in Colorado.

it’s not okay to make a false report to anywhere – ever.

there’s not some type of magical waiver that says, “if you have a specific set of genitals and a minivan then tolerating fake accusations becomes okay”.

If you go over to Shane (Pathway Church’s Head of “Security”) and say, “Am I sitting next to someone who makes hopes threats against the church?” the real answer is yes.

Although that answer might not really sit well with the community, it’s still a reality.

If you ask any of the safety squad members, “Has Brad ever said, done, implied, anything at all –ever– about causing any harm?” The answer is No.

Now if you go ask Casey or Patrick or Kevin and ask them where are these accusations continually originated from, they don’t really want to say oh it kept coming from a couple of individuals.

……….and those Hoax Threats were consistently unfounded.

Those fake claims are not a joke, not taken seriously & are not followed up on. Because that would mean that they have to face the reality that Brad’s out there on the golf cart picking up people for church and these fake rumors keep coming from a certain circle of friends within the church.

At no point is it ok to layer on a “false sense of security” and claim that it’s for the kids, its for the women and the children and the widows and the orphans and it’s for the safety of the church…. When in reality, it’s simply a couple of people making vindictive false accusations.

It really does put the church in a dichotomy of a situation where they have to say, “Okay wait a minute if I tell the truth that doesn’t look good.”

The church could say, “Yes. These fake threats are from Katy, Faith or Adrian and we continually feed off of those hoax threats.” But that doesn’t leave the boys to stroke their hero complex with any great stories.

These fake claims are never actually followed up correctly. Instead the safety Squad continually feeds off of these fake claims from these people, and seemingly has no boundaries to tell them to stop making these hoax claims against the church.

Instead what happens consistently, is that the safety Squad repeatedly embellishes these fake threats and lavishes in the thought that, ” we are protecting the safety of the church”.

In reality they’re doing nothing more then protecting the image of a couple of people by not reporting these individuals for making false threats against the church, and instead twisting……… what’s the right way to say that…. twisting those false reports into an event where they make themselves look good and stroke their own macho-ism.

It’s very similar to a mom who continually makes her kid sick so that she can gain social sympathy.

And it’s very parallel to the firefighter who goes around starting fires so that he can be seen as the ‘Hero’ who comes along to put them out.

And the tragic reality here is that if they would simply stop lavishing in someone else’s lie then these events wouldn’t happen. If they would grow up and take a false threat against a religious organization seriously, things will turn out differently.

It would, though, mean that the safety Squad wouldn’t have self gloating events to pat themselves on the back with, and it would mean that the safety Squad would have to be transparent and accountable in revealing where those accusations continually come from.

Making a false threat is a crime. a federal crime. It’s not a joke. It’s not funny. A false accusation against a religious organization involving a bomb, guns, children, or anything else is not a joke.

Every false accusations should be taken seriously. Subsequently any person who made the false report should be follow up with appropriate course of action as well.

You don’t make a false accusation to get back at someone. You don’t make up a fake threat against the church just out of vindictiveness. You don’t tell the safety team that someone is going to walk into church guns a-blazing unless that person actually said it.

If you are sitting in church and you can look to your left or your right and see someone who has made a false threat against the church, still sitting there, then there IS A PROBLEM.

How many times should a person be allowed to make fake threats before someone does something to deal with the actual person making those false threats?

18 U.S. Code § 844 (e) Whoever, through the use of the mail, telephone, telegraph, or other instrument of interstate or foreign commerce, or in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce, willfully makes any threat, or maliciously conveys false information knowing the same to be false, concerning an attempt or alleged attempt being made, or to be made, to kill, injure, or intimidate any individual or unlawfully to damage or destroy any building, vehicle, or other real or personal property by means of fire or an explosive shall be imprisoned for not more than 10 years or fined under this title, or both.

18 U.S. Code § 844 (e)

Watch this story:

For the two times that Burleson P.D. was called out to Pathway Church because of those hoax claims, can you imagine what the reaction would be? Obviously Burleson isn’t as large as Chicago. And that kinda makes it more important. Because this is a community, then I can’t imagine people reacting in a way that says, “Oh. Hey, they like to file false reports? Meh….. we’re totally cool with that. Have fun!”

That wouldn’t be the reaction at all, would it?

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