BTX Brewfest is QUICKLY running out of VIP tickets. To make sure you DO NOT miss this event, be sure to get your tickets TODAY!

It started with two of Burleson’s finest young ladies wanting to gather the community together. They wanted to come up with an idea that would grow local businesses, eat some great food together, and get the community of collective friends over for a cold beer.

Sara, Brooke, and Mellissa have put together a phenomenal lineup of food, music and a whole lotta beer!

These three ladies have hustled their way into creating one of Burleson’s most beloved and cherished events.

The BTX Brewfest consistently drives tons of foot traffic to Burleson’s Old Town area giving our local businesses the attention and revenue that they wouldn’t normally receive 👍 Working with the City of Burleson’s cooperation and support, Brooke and Melissa have managed to amass a completely insane amount of vendors to the BTX Brewfest 😲

We’re not sure if these ladies resemble the energy level of a poodle drinking RedBull, but here’s a list of the vendors which they have somehow managed to secured for this year’s BTX Brewfest:

That’s 20 different beer vendors! First, congratulations should be in order for Melissa, Brooke, and Sara Brooke for managing to get a vast array of flavors for the community to consume! We’ve seen similar events around the DFW area, but none come close to the amount of work that these ladies have put into this variety and amount of breweries. When you come out to the BTX Brewfest on October 1st, everyone in the community should expect to find (at least*) 5 or 6 tasty libations to tickle your taste buds

(*if you can’t find something you like at the BTX Brewfest, please check your tongue for a pulse)

As if the beverages aren’t enough to bring you out to the BTX Brewfest to satisfy your mouth hole, Brooke, Sara, and Melissa have managed to secure some sweet singing to satisfy your ear holes as well!

🎶Music at the BTX Brewfest:🎶

At 3pm – Nicholas Patrick will be out filling the air with Country Music from the 80’s, 90’s, and today. So there’s everything from old school Garth and Clint all the way up to today’s hits that all the young whippersnappers are cranking as they cruise up and down 174.

4pm – Joey Green and Dave Fenley will bring their magical mix of southern songs and gritty voice to saturate the sounds of the season. Hey, you want a preview? Here check this out:

Want to hear the rest of the song, plus a ton more? Of course you do!

But these three ladies have managed to book even more melodic music!

While your taste buds are savoring the delicious food and beer, Jesse Jennings will be pumping your ears with his songs. Never heard of Jesse Jennings? Well, you’re about to!

Jesse Jennings, originally from Dublin, Texas, is a singer, songwriter and musician based in Fort Worth. His debut album, A LONG WAY FROM HOME, released in August 2014 and features thirteen tracks written and produced by Jesse. He released LIVE AT FORT WORTH SOUND in 2020 and his latest, THE BASEBALL SONG in April 2021

Then at 7pm BTX Brewfest has booked the Turnpike Tributedours for our community to hear.

If you have never watched a fiddle, steel guitar, and a banjo dance together in a harmonic southern whirl, this is your chance! The Turnpike Tributedours will fill the speakers with their energy and tunes starting at 7pm.

Is it enough for Brooke, Melissa, and Sara to bring all of that together for our community? Yeah! Of course it is! They need a trophy just for that alone! But they didn’t stop there did they? To make BTX Brewfest the best it can possibly be, the ladies have also brought out tons of food for the community to eat as well.

Want a list of all the food that you’ll be eating? Without developing carpal tunnel, let’s just say that all the food vendors (BBQ!!!!) will be exceptionally delicious and diverse as the beer choices!

Now, here’s the call to action. You can get the general admission ticket if you want. But, let’s just say that you’ll definitely want the VIP treatment! Get your credit card out and sign up for the VIP tickets right now before they are sold out, gone, …….aaaaand you show up to the Brewfest & wind up wishing you had bought the VIP tickets when you actually had the chance (not that it’s happened to anyone last year 🙋‍♂️👋)

VIP ticket holders get a special VIP entrance. So you don’t have a line to wait in for your carnivorous consumption to begin. Not only do VIP ticket holders get a no-line entrance, but the lucky few VIP ticket holders get to leisurely browse through all of the vendors and booths before the General Admission folks start coming in. The VIP swag bag also includes about 20 additional items as well as the BTX Brewfest shirt and custom glass and TWELVE tasting tickets!

Want a visual representation
🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺 😎
(that’d be TWELVE tasting tickets!)

So, now’s your chance because if you wait too late, those VIP tickets will be completely sold out. Grab your card, and snag your VIP tickets while your thinking about it 💃🥳


Again, if you haven’t gotten your VIP tickets, NOW is the time!

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