Have you ever met someone whom you just wanted to listen to endlessly? That’s what happens when you listen to Michel from Hotworx talk about her upcoming event.

She’s going to be also interviewed by Brad Allard, so be sure to swing over and check that out as well. Here’s all the details that you need to know.

Michel has had two incidents of close personal friends that she has known who’ve dealt with pediatric cancer. This is the story of the little boy who first made her want to coordinate this fundraising even for Cook’s Children. Watch it & we’ll hear a bit more from Michel after the video.

This video Henry and his father share his story of his battle with Neuroblastoma.

This will be Michel’s 2nd year of the fundraiser. Last year, Michel tells us that the fundraiser was at her Hotworx studio here in Burleson.

That fundraiser came about because one of the best humans I know, and a very close friend of mine, was diagnosed with a glioblastoma, which is a particularly ugly type of brain cancer, in February of 2020.
And then I have a member whose nephew was battling neuroblastoma, which is a childhood form of brain cancer that cooks at the same time.

Michel Umphrey owner of Hotworx

When listening to Michel being asked how that made her feel, here was her response:

It made me mad. It made me sad and I am one of those people when I get mad I want to do something about it.
That’s where the blastoff came from, and that’s what helped me to come up that idea of doing something in the sauna similar to where you bought time in the sauna. 

Michel Umphrey owner of Hotworx

So let’s swing over and talk about the event itself. We’ll go over the W’s & then the details for the event, so don’t miss any of this.


5220 Social
3509 SW Wilshire Blvd #102,
Joshua, TX 76058

If you’re mobile and want a quick simple link to help you navigate, here ‘ya go:


If you’re a visual person, head down 174, then pull into the left turn lane when you see this building. It’ll be right before the Joshua Family Dentist.


September 24th, starting at 1pm.

Register day of! Show up early!

The What:

👉👉👉(here’s the fun part)👈👈👈

All of the buy ins are going straight to the fundraising efforts that are going to Cook Children’s Hospital!

And remember: ALL of the $25 buy ins are donated for the fight against pediatric cancer!

Once you get your initial buy in, you’ll receive 10,000 chips!

Yes, you read that correctly. Your buy in gets you an initial 10,000 chips to use and show your awesome poker skills against other competitors as you raise money for pediatric cancer.

Now, here’s some more information that just might persuade you to make plans to help with the pediatric cancer fundraiser.

Michel is donating all of the prorated portions of her Hotworx memberships to the fundraiser. What does that actually mean? Go signup for Hotworx here in Burleson! Not only is it good for Y-O-U, but all of September’s prorated amount goes to the pediatric cancer fundraiser.

Be sure to share this event with as many people as you possibly can. Tag them on Facebook, email your friends, post this in your Facebook Groups, chirp it in your Tweeders, and remind everyone you know & even those that you don’t know. 😉

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