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I would love to go with you

Faith, I would love to accompany you to confront Jason.

I think it would help you tremendously to physically, verbally, and honestly tell Jason how you feel.

Then I’d love to go with you to your dad’s graveside. I get that he hurt you.  I understand hurtful parents more than your mind might choose to realize.  If you would allow yourself to realize that, it might be good to have someone -someone who really knows YOU- to empathize with what you feel.

I get that it might be easier to simply be mad & project anger.  But….

I’d love to go with you & stand by your side as you confront the pastor you had as a youth.  I know it won’t be easy.  I know it might not even happen.  I don’t expect any pastor to willingly let themself get ridiculed.

Faith, you need to choose courage.

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