If you, your church, agency, non-profit, or even on and individual level….
If you’re not aware that some people are going to lie, then you’re not making policiies, procedures, intake process, and being self aware of the fact that some people are -indeed- not telling the truth.

When that happens (and, unfortunately it will) if you, your agency, your company, your non profit, and especially you on an individual level, are INDEED guilty of TAKING AWAY RESOURCES from the real victims.

That money you gave to the person whose story you didn’t check out? That money is now gone.

The time that your church spent giving counseling to that individual whose ‘easily verifiable facts’ you neglected to research? That time is now gone.

NOW, SOMEONE WHO DOES NEED HELP IS NOT GOING TO RECEIVE ANY. SOMEONE NEEDING YOUR CHURCH, INDIVIDUAL, NON-PROFIT, WOMEN’S SHELTER, or OUTREACH CENTER’s time, money, counseling, help to pay their electric bill, encouragement to leave, help with understanding their situation….


……and all you had to do was spot the liar.

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