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Home Church Safety Is this guy fit to wear a uniform?

Is this guy fit to wear a uniform?

Shane’s actions:

NinjaCop’s Emails (some of his communication)

Lie to fellow law enforcement

What happens when one cop lies to another cop?

More importantly, WHY would one cop like to another cop?


We may never get one singular reason for Shane Wickson’s consecutive and repeated lies over and over and over again, but…. here’s some better questions to ask Pathway’s appointed Safety Team Leader:

What other subjects is he willing to lie about?

Who else is he willing to lie for?

What other justifications can motivate him to lie?

At what level of motivation is he willing to tell the truth?

What are his trigger points that instigate Shane Wickson to lie?

Is there any motivation that makes Shane want to tell the truth?

Is Shane capable of admitting a lie?

Does Shane Wickson think that he’s helping anyone by lying?

Is Shane Wickson under some level of delusional misconception that a lawyer can defend Shane from Shane’s own words?

How long has Shane Wickson been a representative in charge of the Safety of Pathway?

If ~SINCE~ Shane Wickson has been trusted with leading the Safety Team at Pathway church, how many years have these deceptive behaviors continued?

How many other people have been threatened via Shane Wickson’s repetitious baseless claims?

How many other incidents has Shane Wickson attempted to cover?

Has Shane Wickson been truthful with the law firm?

Similar to Ms. Conaway’s lawyers inability to ethically represent her any longer after Pathway’s involvement, if the law firm walks into court with deceptive, baseless, blatant lies from Shane Wickson as well, will the law firm drop Pathway as clients additionally?

What's It Like Outside?

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