Some people say, “You wanna know why you’re not successful at _____________? You should look in the mirror – that’s why.”

While that might be true sometimes to a certain degree, it’s never the fully thought out truth.

It’s what you can’t see in the mirror that keeps you from being successful.

Why do I like to go to therapy?  Because it gives me the opportunity to see what I’m not seeing in the mirror.

Why does the Bible say that iron sharpens iron? Because the very core truth of who we are as a person is NOT meant to be great alone.  You’re not going to achieve anything great

It’s what you do NOT see that IS holding you back.

It has held back the safety squad at Pathway Church.  What they purposefully CHOSE NOT to see held them back from actually helping Faith Conaway – and by proxy, Aubree, Alexis, and Katelyn as well.

What Cleburne Police Leutennant Shane NinjaCop Wilkson CHOSE NOT to validate is what would/ could/ might have helped him to realize that Katy, Adrianne, and Faith were lying.  The gossip and rumors that they start are actually, literally, and PROVED to be blatant lies.

Did the leadership of Pathway Church’s safety squad demonstrate any actions to validate what they did see? Nope.

Likewise, what steps did Pathway’s safety crew do to validate what they were not seeing? Nothing.

See that pattern?

That is, quite possibly, EXACTLY why Faith was able to so easily manipulate and control others like Katy, Adrianne, Shane, Patrick, Casey, and Kevin.

Ever heard the phrase “Bird of a feather flock together”?

In this case, we can actually see how true that statement can really be.

See, I truly believe that Faith is not stupid.

……yes, this is the part where I defend her 🙂

Is she mentally re-wired by thirty five years of a right wing nut job cult(ure)? YES.

Was she socially abused by misogynistic patterns of fear from an environment of family & church which brings women to the front of the church to publicly shame them for seemingly any wrongdoing? YEP.

Has she been subjected to decade(10) after decade(20) after decade(30) with another half decade(35) of ritualistic programming and indoctrinated conditioning of some very twisted, sick, dysfunctional, and toxic beliefs? unfortunately YES! SHE HAS!

…..but is she stupid? No. Not in the least bit.  She knows what she knows.

She knows that fight or flight had better kick in and make sure that she viciously does everything in her perspective to provoke others, instigate others, and spark others to throw fire and wood into her toxic delusional lies of beliefs.

It is NOT something done by accident.  She has a behavioral history of only selecting people who will CHOSE to NOT KNOW.

Does this work for people on Pathway’s safety squad who do NOT chose this one sided, blatant blindness? No.

Some people prefer transparency and value integrity.  But, as can be expected, that character is NOT found in everyone.


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