June 15th City Council Meeting
June 15th City Council Meeting

Tonight at Burleson’s City Council meeting, council members will be going over several issues facing our City.

A few weeks ago, Mayor Ken Shetter voiced an issue with Oncor via Tweeder chirps:

For those of you who prefer SpaceBook & don’t chirp on the Tweeder, here’s how the conversation went:

Mayor Ken Shetter addresses Oncor at the June 15th City Council meeting

Also on this evening’s agenda is the decision and direction regarding the contract for the election services which will be handling our General Election later this year.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns about the election process or the individuals who will be in charge of the election, now is your chance to voice those concerns tonight at the city council meeting.

💡 The next agenda items are very important for all the citizens of Burleson to pay attention to.

If you do not show up to voice your concerns then all of these agenda items will be enacted with one simple motion and no discussion, no rhetoric, and no dialogue is allowed on any of these agenda items.

So if you have a question, or concern about any of these items you must show up and fill out a card to speak!

Tonight the city council will be seeking the approval to approve of:

  • Collection of assessments for the Parks at Panchasarp Farms
  • $65,080.01 in contracts going towards water infrastructure
  • Dustrol wants a contract for $69,177.78 to mill some of our streets
    • Again, if you want to voice your concern about the condition and quality of a street or road, you must show up and fill out a card to have your voice heard.
  • Mr. Coontz is wanting to be the presiding Municipal Court Judge for the City of Burleson’s Municipal Court for the next 2 years.
    • If for any reason, any citizens of Burleson feel a concern or question regarding Mr. Coontz’s capacities or duties, now is the time to bring those up – not later.
  • Tetra Tech is creating a plan for the City of Burleson’s trash for a contract term of $43,218

Now, let’s talk about future developments:

There’s a new commercial plan at the northwest corner of the 35 Highpoint Parkway for a cold storage facility. Perhaps this could mean more jobs for Burleson residents as these industrial areas keep expanding in the Highpoint area.

The next agenda item is that Golden State foods would like to expand its building – again within the Highpoint Industrial area – to add another 4,500 square foot to their existing building! Again, hopefully this expansion will bring more jobs to Burleson residents as well.

Last, we have the “General” items:

Councilmember Reading will be presenting a report regarding the Burleson Safe Program. This is the program that the City of Burleson has enacted and is following to help in the reopening of our city’s economy during the Coronavirus.

Again, if you have a grievance, praise, concern or question – now is the time to SHOW UP and voice your concern.

💡 Facebook is not the place to simply sit behind a keyboard and gripe about something. That’s not how life works. Show up. Make it a priority. Schedule your evening. Come to the meeting. Fill out a speaker card. And voice your praise or concern directly to the City Council.

Matt, our City’s deputy attorney will be presenting a report on the declarations for local disaster regarding the public health of our city.

💡 Interesting note here: The City of Burleson will be presenting a newly revised Chapter 30 Article 2 “Emergency Medical Services” rhetoric into the Code of Ordinances.

As it currently sits, The City of Burleson’s Article 2 of Chapter 30 goes over 9 sections: (Don’t worry. We’ll make it sound fun and interesting!)

  • Sec 31 creates the Statutory Authority for the City of Burleson
  • Sec. 32 Goes over the General Purposes and general purposes of Article 2
  • Sections 33 very clearly identify and lay out the definitions used in the Emergency Medical Services article
  • Sections 34 is what creates the EPAB (what’s an EPAB?) That would be the Emergency Physicians Advisory Board. Basically, these are the docs who are in charge of advising our City’s staff on policy and guidelines
  • Section 35 of the Emergency Medical Services establishes the City of Burleson as an EMS Authority and allows the City of Burleson to execute and carry out the standards and guidelines from the medical professionals
  • Sec 36 is what makes a First Responder Advisory Board. This section and section 35 is what might be primarily modified at tonight’s City Council meeting – we’re not sure yet. According to Spacebook rumors, out of an “abundance of caution” the City is putting 9 people named Karen on the First Responder’s board.
  • Looking for violations? Section 37 states (1) not to lie & instigate the dispatch of a helicopter & (8) do not use the ambulance to make a Target run!
  • Section 38 mandates that anyone convicted of violating the above sections are guilty of a class C misdemeanor, but you will not have to pay anything over $500 as a fine.
  • Finally, Section 39 of the Emergency Medical Services gives traffic law exemptions to ambulance drivers.

In the midst of Covid – 19 and the current situation, it will be interesting to see what changes the City will be making to these articles.

The City of Burleson is wanting to designate a representative to the Regional Transportation Council of North Central Texas Council. This representative will be Burleson’s ears and voice as a liason regarding roads, roundabouts, and highways as Burleson expands and grows.

Apparently our Animal Shelter will be getting a bit of a makeover 🐶😺 as there is an item for $82,453 regarding the “Isolation Area” for our misbehaving four legged friends.

Freese and Nichols is going to get paid $69,990 to design a park. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️ Prairie Timber Park just might be another of Burleson’s parks which creates specific accommodations for those in wheelchairs and non ambulatory kiddos.

Wanna have some input regarding what Prairie Timber Park has in it? Then show up tonight and fill out a card to have your voice heard. Better yet, show up and ask how you can be on the board that gives input regarding Burleson’s parks!

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, text that says 'MYC Representing the voice of BURLESON YOUTH SINCE 2008 Burleson Mayor's Youth Council'

Lastly, Andrea is going to present some information for your Mayor’s Youth Council. Wanna see a great photo op with some of Burleson’s finest kiddos grinning from ear to ear? Yeah, this would be the moment for that!

Look, showing up to the City Council meetings is pretty important. Yes, we can all watch the meetings online, and some residents of Burleson can jump on the innerwebs and have praise, concerns, or gripes via The Spacebook.

However, it really does change a person when they physically show up. Even if you just sit in the chairs and watch for a few minutes, it’s still interesting.

📢Hey Parents❗

Want to do something exciting with your kiddos instead of listening to them make SnapTok videos in the other room all day?

City Council meetings start at 7 in the evening – so go wake your kids up!

Got ’em up? Now, make sure that they are mostly dressed & bring them with you to see how their local City actually operates and works!

4th Generation Burleson Resident. Lifelong learner 📚 Long time listener 👂 Fan of adoption 👶, peanut butter & chocolate 🍫, and deception detection techniques 🤫
Email news@oneburleson.com

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