Burleson resident makes up conspiracy theory for social consumption

Quoted from Lonnie

Here’s Lonnie Freeman’s Lies Typed out:

Well, the liberal cancel culture tribe of Burleson has struck again! They forced Tiffany Carlen off of the Board of Directors of the Burleson Area Chamber of Commerce because of her conservative ideas, and the fact that Katherine Reading lost the election. Katherine, Otto and Sarah Carlson threatened to cancel their chamber memberships unless the Chamber forced Tiffany out, which is exactly what happened. I’m disgusted by this. I urge any of you that are like minded to cancel your chamber membership if you have one and not partake in any of their activities. Here is my letter to the chamber:To Andy Pickens and the Burleson Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors:Please cancel my chamber membership immediately due to the chamber forcing Tiffany Carlen out of her position due to her conservative ideology. The chamber thought it was ok to succumb to the threats of Sarah Carlson, Otto Arslanovski and Katherine Reading and I for one know that this should not have happened. These three were very angry because Mrs. Reading was defeated in the recent city council runoff election, an election where Mrs. Carlen backed Katherine’s opponent Jimmie Stanford. It’s despicable that the chamber let politics creep into the chamber’s doings. I will urge all other like minded chamber members to also withdraw their memberships as well. Our collective time and money can be way better useful elsewhere. Or, should I threaten to cancel my membership unless Mr. Pickens and the entire board steps down? It worked for Sarah, Otto and Katherine!

Lonnie Freeman

We are working on a few articles to go through each line item of the initial complaint received by the Burleson Chamber of Commerce. And when those articles get published we will update this one as well. But for right now there is a much bigger issue at play here.

Please remember as you read things on Facebook, Parlor, or any other social media outlet, or hear things in person, remember to double-check those statements for inaccuracies, victims, and downright facts that don’t line up with reality.

If you believe, repeat, or act someone else’s BIG LIE, the responsibility now falls on

This is very important for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, it needs to be established that Tiffany Hurd fully believes the lies that she is repeating. And her persecutory delusions gain social currency which is used to garner attention and instigate others to regurgitate a lie. Once someone else regurgitates that persecutory delusion, they often add their own spin to it as well.

It needs to be very quickly and accurately noted that there is no cancel culture tribe in Burleson. Tiffany Hurd was forced off the board of directors for the Chamber of Commerce because she simply cannot have any accountability, or anything that contradicts those conspiratorially delusions which only exists inside of her head.

Now, when Lonnie decides to regurgitate “that which is not true” in the first place, he adds his own spin to it as well. If you’ll notice he mentions Sarah Carlson and Katherine Reading “threatened to cancel their chamber membership unless the chamber forced Tiffany out”. That is (one of) Lonnie’s claims.

The way to validate and deescalate Lonnie’s lie is to realize that Sarah Carlson and Katherine Reading have no membership in the Chamber of Commerce.

Simply asking Lonnie to verify his claim will cause frustration and anger in Lonnie’s psyche, and probably cause him to become more frustrated simply because his persecutory delusion and paranoia is being validated and questioned with very real, tangible, actual facts which do not support his claim. Much in the same way the community should ask Tiffany if she can validate any of her claims as well.

In her radio show quite frequently Tiffany insists that she is telling the truth. And she fully believes that those delusional claims are real. Could it be that Otto never removed any signs, and that the picture of Jimmy’s political candidate sign in the dumpster was actually sent to him by an employee? That is reality, but it’s not what Tiffany wants to believe.

Like so many other cases, it’s very difficult to pull a lie off in the city of Burleson. And it is important that the citizens business owners and community stay vigilant in deception detection.

Clearly there is not a citywide conspiracy of signs being stolen, when the reality is that the signs should not have been there in the first place. But reality never stopped any of the players and the bad actors from instigating and creating hoax threats that do not exist in the first place.

It is those instigators which proclaim to know some limited truth that only they possess, only they can echo it, and only they know that this reality exists. Hence, everyone else needs to jump on board with this “supposed” suppression of the “truth” which only exists inside their head.

PizzaGate was born in 2016 in online forums like 4chan & Reddit, where right-wing users and supporters of Donald Trump pored over hacked emails from John Podesta, Clinton’s senior campaign adviser, looking for evidence of wrongdoing. Some emails referring to Podesta’s dinner plans mentioned pizza. A 4chan participant then connected the phrase “cheese pizza” to pedophiles, who on chat boards use the initials “c.p.” to denote child pornography.

Baltimore Sun

For some people in our city of Burleson it takes very little to trigger them, set them off, and invoke a Mob Squad mentality to seek vengeance for their perceived suffering and wrongdoing that has supposedly happened to them. There is no end once you deviate from the linear truth. A lie can be anything anyone wants. Anything at all.

It’s very important for the people of Burleson that they remember to validate and deescalate some if not all of these whacked-out conspiracy theories. Our Place restaurant owner never removed any signs. So there is absolutely positively zero reason to retaliate against that restaurant in any way, shape, form, or fashion.

let’s type that again

There is absolutely zero reason to retaliate against Our Place restaurant in any way, shape, form, or fashion. In anything that you or any other radicalized vigilante might conjure up inside their own cranium, there is simply ZERO reason to take out any “vengeance” on the restaurant.

The same can be said for Sarah and Katherine as well. For anyone seeking vengeance or retaliation against Sarah and/or Katherine, there is simply ZERO actual justification. There is no REAL persecution that needs anyone to “take up arms” or anything else. It’s a lie that does not exist in the first place, which is being perpetrated by a select few individuals.

Lonnie is lying. There is ZERO REASON to retaliate against these two individuals.

Lonnie is lying. He can’t discern the truth from non-fiction. There is ZERO REASON to retaliate against Our Place restaurant or the Chamber of Commerce.

This cannot be stressed enough.

Please realize that it takes one idiot, one lone wolf vigilante, one crazed radical to cause immense chaos for our citizens and our law enforcement. If you hear of anyone wanting to take out vengeance on the individual’s listed in Lonnie’s Lie, please notify the Burleson Police Department immediately.

If you see something on Parlor or any other social media platform in email in text or if you hear of something in person, please notify Burleson Police Department immediately.

While a small minority in this town might not care if they lie, or add onto someone else’s regurgitated lie(s), those vocal minorities feel as though they are being oppressed, they feel that their 1st amendment rights are being hindered, or they might believe that the US Naval Intelligence has hacked their Facebook account and believe that Katherine Reading has a Chamber of Commerce Membership ……. or WHO-KNOWS-WHAT-ELSE,


It is of absolute importance that the community, as a whole, remember that these are someone else’s lies that get heard and repeated and heard some more. While the initial instigator of the LIE may or may not be willing to take any physical violence or vengeful actions against those they feel have wronged them, it only takes one idiot hearing those lies to believe it for something majorly catastrophic to happen.

It only takes one idiot hearing those lies to believe it for something majorly catastrophic to happen.

It would be best if people could discern the truth from a lie and not repeat it in the first place. Unfortunately that does not happen. People are going to lie and then somebody else is going to repeat that lie. And when they repeat it they will add new dimensions of delusional fantasies that do not exist. With absolutely zero regard for the next person hearing the LIE, the cycle continues.

There is absolutely ZERO remorse or contrition for some people when they spread these fake news / lie / conspiracy theory rhetoric. Why is that? Because they firmly believe the lie themselves.

Neither Tiffany or Lonnie have any regard for the consequences resulting from anyone who hears them spread their fake news. And it will only take one lone wolf idiot who believes what they heard, or what they read, to make a real-life situation happen. And it’s all based on hearing the lie in the first place.

That is why it is absolutely critical that the Burleson Police Department “In Partnership with the Community” be notified immediately, if there is any threat deriving from Tiffany’s lie, Lonnie’s lie, or anyone else’s lie.

You don’t stop the liar. The goal in deception detection is to stop the “results” of the lie.

Please reiterate, TO EVERYONE POSSIBLE, that there is ZERO justification for any retaliation AT ANY LEVEL.

4th Generation Burleson Resident. Lifelong learner 📚 Long time listener 👂 Fan of adoption 👶, peanut butter & chocolate 🍫, and deception detection techniques 🤫
Email news@oneburleson.com

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