Sean Pursel Missing Person in Burleson Texas
Sean Pursel Missing Person in Burleson Texas


In Partnership with the Community, Burleson Police would like the community's help in locating Sean Pursel


Burleson PD is requesting assistance locating Mr. Sean Pursel. He is described as a white male, 51 years old, 5’6 in height, 130-140 pounds, last seen wearing khaki colored pants, black Adidas shoes, and possibly black shirt. Sean has a altered mental status, and likes to hangout in crowded areas. He was last seen in the 400 block of Delaware St, in Burleson.

Sean Pursel Missing Person in Burleson Texas
Vincent Sean Pursel Missing Person in Burleson Texas

Vincent Sean Pursel likes to smoke so he might possibly be hanging around where he could bum a smoke (Old Town / Restaurant row)

Vincent Sean Pursel has a slight limp in his walk.

He was visiting his sister here in Burleson, but lives in a group home in Cleburne.

It is reported that Sean Pursel can remember directions so he could also be headed back to his group home in cleburne (174 south)

Sometimes easily gets frustrated by other adults telling him what to do.

Mr. Pursel is not believed to be violent and is approachable. So…

If he’s spotted, put on your ‘social worker’ hat and simply engage in a light conversation with Sean Pursel while calling 911 or 817-426-9903 (<—tap to dial)

Stay poised while engaging with Vincent Sean Pursel, and get him to engage with you while waiting for BPD to arrive. The key is LISTENING!

Possibly offer him a smoke while keeping him talking in the same location would be great, but not expected.

While several people have claimed to have spotted Sean, the most recent is:

Someone just said “My daughter saw him about 4:00pm today at the QT at Everman parkway. Khaki pants, gray shirt, black belt, a ball cap. Heavy limp on left leg. The store should have video of him.”

Burleson Resident

Again, if you have any tips or can provide any further assistance to Burleson Police Department on locating Mr. Sean Pursel, please dial 817-426-9903 (<—tap to dial) or call 911.

Again the picture of Vincent Sean Pursel:

Sean Pursel, Missing Person in Burleson Texas

If a family member or community member has additional photos, simply email them to

Please share this to help the community locate Sean Pursel. Thank You.

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