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Home Domestic Violence Never be AFRAID to GET HELP - here's why:

Never be AFRAID to GET HELP – here’s why:


When it comes to getting the help you need, what is your biggest challenge?

  • The will to seek for help
  • fear of ridicule
  • telling the truth
  • Accepting the help
  • Admitting that my constant fluctuations of emotions was not normal or healthy. Admittance was my biggest hurdle
  • Feeling like I deserve to even ask
  • Connecting with the therapist, if I feel like someone is judging or I’m not comfortable I will not open up, surprisingly I got lucky. I just started seeing one and they paired me up with someone who I feel comfortable with
  • Knowing when exactly to ask for help and how to do it. I only asked for help once when I already couldn’t breathe. It wasn’t too late but I suffered for a long time because I didn’t know how to ask

It’s ok to have Healthy Boundaries and tell someone, “You are not in danger. Let me encourage you to seek professional help.”

“That’s a horrible story. Unfortunately, we know that your story might need to be clarified a bit. Right now, our organization would like to offer you a list of therapists that can help with post abused situations like yours.”

“I understand that you really want us to believe your story is truthful. We’ve also pulled public record and realize that you might need some professional help to remind you of the legal ramifications of filing a false report and making a hoax claim against a religious organization. For that reason, we’d like to offer you the names of three highly skilled therapists here locally that can help your specific scenario. Would you like us to go ahead and help you schedule your first appointment?”

Always recognize that the individual has a deep, Deep, DEEP need for attention. And, once you realize that the person’s claim isn’t quite adding up, you’ve got to position yourself in a way that protects your organization, your organizations integrity while also helping the individual as well.

You do not want to be in the position of toxic enabling or ‘giving a drunk a drink’. Simultaneously though, you do want to get the person the CORRECT help that they are wanting.

When you’ve got someone who is consistently pulling in fears from social media, someone who is consistently pulling in fears from an advocacy group, consistently pulling in fears from their peer group….. You do NOT want to enable that.

That person needs proper help.

Painting every person’s situation with a broad stroke of a paintbrush never works.

Every person’s situation is 100% unique to them. Never become complacent to think that one person’s story does not have an element of fear, fraud, shame, or hesitation to get the help that they need.

Remember that it’s YOUR job to help that specific person in their specific situation get the right help that they need.

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