Wether your a pastor a voluteer at a church a man a woman a citizen or an advocate, don’t ever stay loyal to someone at the expense of your own integrity.

Let’s apply that.

If your a pastor, and a member of the church lies to you, take corrective action then. Don’t dig yourself into a hole by being loyal to one or two members of the church simply because it feels better or it’s convenient.

Your integrity as a pastor should not be found to have questionable motives, gossip, or blatant lies. If you care about your church, make sure that your integrity has no holes, lines up with your actions, and can not be brought into question – ever.

If you’re part of a cause mission, activist, or something like that, make sure your words, deeds, actions, and what-you-choose-to-empower has no holes in it.

Your own personal integrity matters much more that blind loyalty to someone simply b/c of their gender.

If you call the police, make sure that no one can ever pull public record and find holes in your story, or claims that don’t add up, your own words not matching your own words (even in the same dispatch call), or any other blatant lies that fall apart like a house of cards.

Your integrity matters.

Never Gamble away your OWN INTEGRITY. It’s not worth it.
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