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When the safety squad decides to flip out and claim that I was in the children’s hallway, we’ve got a couple of issues here to untangle.

First, why is there some concern that I might be walking through the hallway w/ the kid’s Sunday school classes? Oh.  Yeah.  That’s Faith doing her delusions again (yes, again.  For the 6th year in a row) And, of course, she simply must spread the fear mongering to the rope-a-dope enablers on the scuba Steve safety squad at Pathway.

Ok.  When you’ve lived in the home with her for 5 years, had the unique opportunity to dissolve Faith’s chronic explosive delusions month after month, and when you realize that the whole “the kids are going to be taken” sky-is-falling rhetoric is WHY I invited Faith to leave the Fundamentalist Cult(ure) in the first place…..

…..then that whole “OMG I think Brad is in the children’s hallway abducting the children” kinda starts getting put into a more appropriate perspective.  She lied. Pathway’s scuba Steve safety squad bit off the lie – hook, line, and sinker – and they had a safety squad member follow me all the way out of the church.

turns out, I was just going to the suburban. but properly finding out any level of truth is what Pathway’s scuba Steve safety squad has demonstrated a persistent pattern of not really caring about.  Find rumor, engage hero complex, save the day – even if the problem didn’t exist in the first place.

But there’s really a simple way to clarify this.  Some ill formed paranoia based on someone else’s lie -Faith, Katy, Adrianne, or anyone else-  puts me, or you, in a hole.

Someone THOUGHT they saw me going into the “kids hallway”.  Did I really? Nope.

Surely there must be some way in this incredibly savvy world of wonders that we live in which can prove –BEYOND HE SAID SHE SAID– where a person actually is located.

Golly gee whiz, imagine for a moment if there was a little device that we could all carry around with us that would record and keep track of where we are when we take a picture, where we are moving as we exercise, or where we are driving as we navigate from one place to another.

Surely there must be some type of doo-hickey-majig-thingy-ma-bobber-what-cha-ma-call-it that would do that, right?  Meh…….

What about when Katy decides to tell Josh that “I’m following her”?


Yep.   That happened also.

ok, enough typing, where’s that link i was looking for……..

So, when the phone has location turned on, the phone will report your accuracy to less than one meter.

Well, that gives one hell of a level of accountability!

Now, what happens if someone has location sharing turned on?  That means that I have shared my location with others.

Hence, they too can see my location with that same less-than-one-meter of accuracy as well.

Well, sh!t Katy, Faith, Adrianne, Casey, Shane, Patrick, Kevin, or anyone else for that matter.  What happens when you believe someone’s LIE?

When Faith, Adrianne, and Katy lie about something AND THEN that rumor, lie, fear mongering, hateful toxic sick verbiage is blindly believed by the scuba Steve safety squad, it becomes really easy to prove, show, demonstrate, and solidify what is a lie and the TRUTH.

It’s on your phone 😉

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