Tiffany Carlen Hurd proclaims QAnon no longer exists
Tiffany Carlen Hurd proclaims QAnon no longer exists


A brief Twitter screenshot of Tiffany (Carlen) Hurd's view & comments regarding Nona Reed's QAnon profile picture

Another reader pointed out a tweet from a long time journalist Bud Kennedy. If you don’t know Bud, he’s a long time writer for the Fort Worth Star Telegram. Here’s Kennedy’s original tweet:

Bud Kennedy’s Tweet 4:46 PM · Aug 21, 2022

And sure enough, as soon as the tweet is opened, whom do we have as the first commenter? The host of the JoCo Community Radio Show, Tiffany Carlen, Nona Reed’s purveyor of all things media related.

Tiffany’s reply is to first question Bud to see if he reached out to her. In what can only be considered yet-one-more grammatical error Tiffany’s question was to see if Bud “reached out to her to very your claim?” Let’s just guess that Tiffany meant verify.

Tiffany also mentions that the public “can’t even see her tweets” and that Bud should “do some fact checking before [he] makes such claims”.

Here’s the full thread (in case you get blocked by Tiffany)

Tiffany’s response has gotten a good deal of residents raising their eyebrow.

“Oh Brad, that is not qanon, an org that doesn’t exist. Big reach even for you. Good grief. Educate yourself and do fact finding like asking the candidate.

Tiffany Carlen response when told that Nona Reed’s profile picture is the QAnon motto

According to Tiffany (Carlen) Hurd,
QAnon is an organization that does not exist? 🤨

Breaking news to all those who wanted to be part of the QAnon followers, there is no such thing and QAnon doesn’t exist. (someone should probably let this guy know)

Can someone please call Jake Angeli, the QAnon Shaman, and inform him that Tiffany Carlen Hurd has just announced that QAnon is now no longer a thing.

The part which baffles residents is that the QAnon motto is actually Nona Reeds profile picture on Twitter. Somehow Tiffany Hurd seems to have missed that part. Look again at her reply to Bud Kennedy.

You can’t even see her tweets.

Tiffany Hurd’s reply to Star Telegram vetran Bud Kennedy

No one needs to see Nona’s tweets Tiff. It’s her Profile Pic!

However, here’s the glaringly obvious point which Tiffany Hurd completely ignores: Nona Reed’s Twitter profile *IS* the QAnon motto.

Where we go 1, we go all (or abbreviated) WWG1WGA

There ‘ya have it folks, not only is the school board election illegal:

….but now, QAnon “does not exist”.

Thanks Tiffany, please tell us more 👍

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