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Community Calendar: wherein Burleson Residents can self publish ALL events encompassing the WHOLE City of Burleson. Garage sales, Booster Club fundraisers, Chamber Events, Church Activities, and City events. We’re looking to program ONE Calendar that encompasses EVERYTHING!


  • creates online portal for everyone and anyone to create and (possibly sell) tickets and events throughout Burleson for any event that they want. no more having these residents try and jack with cashapp, venmo, paypal, or anything else. Our platform should host the events and even allow residents to easily sell tickets if needed.
  • Est programming cost=$3,000. Timeline=ASAP
  • Filterable to find sports/Chamber/church/fitness/City/Garage Sale/ via category
  • Bring awareness for one event while residents are looking at ALL events

Obits: We all lost a lot when the Burleson Star went under. Without a copy preserved, no reprints or duplications could be made. I’d like to forever change that. We need to honor, respect, and remember those who’ve passed on and leave a legacy for everyone who calls Burleson home.


  • Allow for users (everywhere) to submit photos to obit page. We all have photos laying around. Some of us old timers even have actual printed photos. As we come across these photos, residents should be able to upload those photos to the family’s obit page so that everyone can remember their loved one.
  • Online portal to send flowers, plant tree, …… , which alerts the survivors that the community is still respectful and remembering their loved one who has passed.
  • Allows for residents to type and submit their own messages and memories for the survivors and community to remember their loved one.
  • Est. cost = $5,000
  • MAIN POINT! Must be preserved for at least 30-40 years (digital storage) for the survivors to see, and the community to continually add their memories and pictures to the obit page.


We need to bring back local sports. I’m not sure if one writer would be enough to cover the whole city, and I do believe that the ‘sports’ section should include ALL sports (not just the high ticket, traditional ones)


  • Possible user submitted stories from mom, dad, grandparents, friends, whomever
  • Allow resident to submit their own photos / videos
  • Open the publishing up to Everyone in Burleson (and hope folks don’t abuse that option)
  • Not just football, but … More soccer, volleyball, golf, etc….
  • Let EVERY person upload as many sports stories as they want.
  • (i’m diggin’ this idea) 🤔💭😎

Must have more (MUCH MORE) revenue for Open Records Requests

Most all of the agencies have a charge for making open records requests. From the City, to BPD, to Johnson County courts, Texas DOT, DPS, Jails, State Licensing boards, and more – they all cost hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars each and every time we make these. Our City needs a public “fund” if-you-will so that a dollar sign NEVER stands between residents and the truthful information that we all deserve.

  • Police Cam Footage of our BPD kickin’ ass and taking names
  • Court Records are an absolute MUST have
  • Health Inspections should be published & not have to hunt and find to see them
  • Arrest records need to be public: 911 call, vehicle, officer body cam, arrest affidavit, more court records
  • City Council emails need to be pulled from time to time.
  • I’ve tried, and there’s simply no way one person can afford all of these