Many of you have seen the posting on Facebook already. For those who have not, don’t peruse the Fb Groups and don’t quite enjoy some of the Facebook algorithms, let’s take a second to read the original message again:

I just witnessed a heartbreaking situation, and I’m hoping anyone in this group can help me out. I’m currently at the South Burleson Chick-fil-A (the one next to HEB) and a woman and her young daughter were handing out sidewalk chalk to all of the kids in the restaurant. She explained that it was the girl’s 6th birthday, and nobody came to celebrate. My 5 year old and I followed them as they went to their car to wish her a happy birthday, with hugs between the girls.
Before I could offer to do something to celebrate, they got into their car and left.
This would be where (hopefully) someone in this group can help me: If anyone knows of them, I’d love to get into contact and have the girls do something fun in honor of her birthday.

Tegan Booth

So, Tegan and her daughter decided to do something about it 👍

This Saturday, they would like to invite the whole city to come celebrate at Warren Park around 10am.

Yes, the WHOLE CITY is invited!

Here’s a person message directly from Miss Jessa:

It’s never good to see a kiddo have to celebrate their birthday alone. Especially when she’s been through so much. She lost her mom on November 23, 2021.

She’s been raised by her grandmother who has been doing everything she could for her lovely 6 year old grand daughter. Seeing that the birthday plans didn’t quite turn out the way that they wanted, Tegan and Jessa decided to jump in and help.

They have planned a birthday party this Saturday at Warren park for little miss Juliette.

Juliette’s favorite colors are pink and purple and she loves crafts and baloons.

We would love to see everyone in the city stop by this Saturday at 10. If you’ve got soccer games, the Burleson fun run, you don’t have plans, you’ll be out anyway, and if you’re simply driving by, everyone is encouraged to stop in and wish Juliette a Happy Birthday.

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