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The Danger of Shane

He has a gun.

Not just he’s accusing you of things that you haven’t done – which is dangerous enough.

But he does indeed have a gun, several guns, probably carries a gun at all times, he has access to multiple guns, guns from other crimes, can get access to more guns, has access to ammo, and can very easily do anything with all of those.

Everyone can claim an opinion. But here’s the facts of his actions and the reality of his behaviors.

He already has already lied. This is NOT a situation of ‘if’ – This is the reality of ‘since he has already lied’

Shane has already made claims as facts that are blatant lies.

As the leader of the scuba steve safety squad, he has already shown that he does not have any desire to correct his staff or even his own claims.

What's It Like Outside?

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