I want to take another moment to stop and ask everyone to have EMPATHY for Faith Conaway.

I want You to think of all of the fear that Ms. Conaway has been through in growing up in the independent fundamentalist Baptist culture. There are so many fears that have been inundated into her heart Socially programmed into her mind In baked into the very fabric of her soul .

Imagine  all of those fears as rocks

I want you to think about all those fears . Think about growing up with the fear that your dad is going to beet you. think about growing up with the fear that Your house is going to burn down. Think about the fear that went through faith as The pastor did things when she was 15 years old. Think about all the fears that go through a person’s mind when they are at a church that says, ladies if you do something wrong we’re going to take you in front of the church and publicly shame you Think about all of that fear .

Understand that all of that fear is constantly still in faith glosser conaway . In the 5 years that I was with her I was able to Sometimes dissolve Some of those fearful outbursts. But that never really got anything resolved .

So now here she is with This fear of A church that Is going to judge her if they ever find out the truth And that stems from the one weekend that I told her Hey I went to talk to the family pastor at church .

I would really empathize and love on faith With all of her fears for a minute . Really close your eyes and think about this if you need. Put down the phone put down the Facebook put down the pins to gram whatever it is . Get completely distraction free and I want you to really think about all of the fears that faith has In her heart In her soul And Programmed into the very core of how her mind works .

Now imagine all of those FEARS As rocks .

Can you imagine how big Faith Conaway’s BAG OF FEARS has to be?  Seriously? Think about it for a minute.

Faith Conaway's Family
Faith Conaway’s Family

All those fears from childhood, then to adolescence, followed up to teenage years, then when the Pastor of her church _______, on up into the college years within the CULTure of Pensacola Christian College.

How do you get someone to realize that those fears are not real? And if you don’t mind I’m going to get a bit personal here for a second .

Other than grounding techniques That have been researched on the Internet , how am I supposed to dissolve all of those fears that don’t exist?

Especially when there’s this mindset which seems to consistently steamroll out of her:


no. they’re not. take a deep breath in and out. you’re not there anymore, remember? your safe now. those fears are not real. in and out, breath.
listen to what you’re saying.

Every person’s situation is unique, but can I recommend a few good books for ‘ya?

This book is an inspiring, comprehensive guide showing that healing is possible. In a clear and gentle voice, Oksana helps demystify ritual abuse cults, and offers groundbreaking strategies for recovery. Drawing on inner wisdom and spirituality Oksana takes survivors step by step through the healing process.This has got to be, definitely, the best book yet available on ritual abuse healing. I loved the whole book. I kept saying Yes, yes, yes – this is how it is.
Essential reading for anyone interested in understanding and treating traumatic stress and the scope of its impact on society

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