Tiffany Carlen uses #Women'sDay to play victim and blame a man when it was the WOMEN who stood up to Tiffany's lies.

Let’s clarify some facts about Tiffany Hurd’s claim.

Tiffany Hurd was booted from The Burleson Chamber of Commerce due to her own frivolous baseless claims (which she is again attempting to do).

As a community, let’s check some facts about Tiffany Hurd’s claim.

“They ruined it based on a man’s spin, lies and ego. Who benefitted from forcing me to step down from the chamber? His ego and their vengeance.”

Tiffany Hurd

The “him” in which Tiffany Hurd is referring to is Otto, the owner of Our Place restaurant here in Burleson.

However, if we go back and get an accurate reflection of a realistic timeline, Tiffany was ousted from The Burleson Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors after a citizen of Burleson made a petition on Change.org.

And, for FACTS SAKE, that resident who initiated the petition was a WOMAN!

After cycling the petition around to other Burleson Business owners, that petition received 245 signatures.

And, lest the residents of Burleson and surrounding communities forget what was on that petition to have Tiffany Hurd removed from the Burleson Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, here’s the full text again:

(more insights after the letter)

Burleson Area Chamber of Commerce:

This correspondence represents an open letter between residents of Burleson (the undersigned) and the BACC staff, officers, directors, and members. We appreciate the opportunity to voice our concerns regarding certain activities that have occurred in recent months. 

It is our understanding that the purpose of any Chamber of Commerce is to advocate for local businesses….ALL local businesses. Your website states BACC is “dedicated to promoting businesses and business opportunities in the Burleson area”. It describes the goal as being to “create a community where businesses want to operate, people want to visit, and everyone wants to live”. Further, it characterizes members as “the faces, voices, and energy of the community”.

That mission seems to have been clearly violated by Tiffany Carlen Hurd, a member of the Board of Directors, during this past election cycle. Her actions online did not go unnoticed by the community. We witnessed her publicly attack a business owner who supported a candidate she opposed, numerous times. She made insinuations that he was getting unethical, favorable treatment from Council members,claimed he illegally removed political signs, and repeatedly called him names. Perhaps most alarmingly, she lent support to the comments of others, stating they would not frequent his business any longer. 

We have been made aware that this issue came to the Chamber’s attention recently, and led to her asking members for letters of support and making a public statement on JoCo Radio. While it has apparently been accepted by some as an adequate response, we do not agree. Her statement contains no acknowledgement of wrongdoing, or anything resembling an apology. In fact, she defends her actions in the name of “1st amendment rights”. While she certainly does have a right to freedom of speech as a citizen, she also has a duty to fulfill the role expected of her by BACC. We do not believe that insulting business owners, making false accusations, and essentially supporting boycotts represent actions in line with the mission of the Chamber.

Our purpose is not to deny that Ms. Carlen Hurd is seen as a valued member of the community by many residents and business owners. It’s likely that many in Burleson greatly appreciate the work she has done – but having supporters should not excuse her behavior. She disparaged a business owner and still has shown no contrition. For that reason, we ask that she be removed from her position on the Board. No member of the Chamber should have to worry that Board members may publicly attack them or their business. No business should want to join a Chamber in which that kind of incident is accepted.

In one further note, we’d like to address the idea that calling for this removal is an example of “cancel culture”. It’s well-known that Ms. Carlen Hurd has been involved in several disputes with other citizens and officials. Most of those (though not all) have no direct relationship to her duties on the Board, and, as such, have no bearing on this request. Our concern is entirely with what we perceive as a failure to promote the goals of the Chamber. We believe she has the right to her opinions, beliefs, and choice of political candidates, but no right to simultaneously serve on the Board and cause harm to Chamber members. And we believe she chose not to correct or apologize for that behavior when given the opportunity to do so. That is not “cancel culture”. That is simply asking the Chamber to fill its Board with members who will fulfill its purpose.

Thank you for allowing us to share our concerns with you. We hope you will make the right decision as to her future with the Chamber, and will show Burleson area business owners that you are on their side.

While the owner of Our Place might have been the one to initiate a letter to the Burleson Chamber of Commerce, Otto’s letter NEVER asked to remove Tiffany Hurd’s representation of Burleson Business owners, and he certainly wasn’t the one whose actions ultimately led to Tiffany Hurd’s removal from the Chamber.

(Again, Otto’s letter to the Chamber never asked for Tiffany’s removal – not once!)

Tiffany Hurd has a behavioral past of instigating fake claims which only exist in a vacuum of her own imagination.

Tiffany is currently being sued for claiming that the husband of a former councilWOMAN hacked her Facebook account using Naval Intelligence resources, that Tiffany has proof from a CIA operative working in the Pentagon, and that an elected Texas State Senator erased Tiffany’s video evidence from the aforementioned [outlandish] activity.

At no point was Tiffany Hurd a victim of “a man‘s spin, lies, and ego”. Tiffany Hurd was, however a victim – of the person looking back at her in the mirror!

And what led to Tiffany Hurd being ousted from the Burleson Chamber of Commerce? A woman who had enough of Tiffany’s baseless hoax threats and drama!

Burleson is a growing community and a thriving City of Character where Kindness Matters.

We all remember the story of the Little Boy who cried WOLF, right?

What’s worse than that? It’s when a WOMAN cries wolf!

People will fact check your claims. Residents will share screenshots (some of you will share hundreds of screenshots)😲 There are going to people Burleson citizens of Character who stand up and say – ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

Are there a growing number of ladies, WOMEN SPECIFICALLY, in our town who are sick and tired of other ladies making up things for attention? You bet!

Does a woman crying “help me help me help me” in some sort of “damsel in distress” get more attention and eyeballs simply because of the gender of the person making the claims? Absolutely!

And getting that attention can be both a bad thing and a good thing. Depending on IF the person is telling the truth or not in the first place, those claims will either garner attention, or simply leave the individual high and dry searching to replace the first lie with a bigger one.

The problem?


Will these continual stories seem to come up from time to time in any community? Sure. Be it in a community of law enforcement, church, school or social settings, people will lie. Some people lie more than others.

The goal here in a City of Character should be to reiterate the truth, keep it grounded in reality (not someone else’s lie), and to create healthy boundaries for those who would wish to pervert the truth for their own glorification.

Was Tiffany Hurd a victim of a “man’s spin”?

Nope. Not at all.

To all the courageous WOMEN who stood up to Tiffany Hurd’s lies:

To all the ladies who own businesses here in Burleson who signed the petition:
We are ALL proud of each & everyone of YOU!

4th Generation Burleson Resident. Lifelong learner 📚 Long time listener 👂 Fan of adoption 👶, peanut butter & chocolate 🍫, and deception detection techniques 🤫
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