FOUND Sean Pursel Missing Person In Burleson Texas
FOUND Sean Pursel Missing Person In Burleson Texas


FOUND! (great job community!) Thanks to
an individual at 7/11, Sean Pursel is now safely home.

This is an update to a previous story mentioned here:

In a great effort by the community, Vincent Sean Pursel was located late last night.

When questioned if he was healthy and safe, we can report that he is! 👍

Mr. Pursel was found in the bathroom of a 7/11 sleeping. He was then taken to JPS Hospital for an evaluation at which point an individual from JPS called Burleson Police Department to let them know that Mr. Pursel had been found.

In a statement from one of Mr. Pursel’s family members, they said:

He’s completely healthy and not injured too so that’s good! I’m very thankful to everyone sharing, sending prayers and even updating. My family appreciates it very much

Faith Paz

This just goes to show us all the power of a vigilant and listening community who is willing and able to be attentive and steadfast with the needs of our City and our Community.

Had Mr. Pursel not been located so quickly perhaps someone could have taken advantage of him, cause harm to him, and/or created more worry and stress for the community, first responders, and his family.

A huge shout out of Thank You goes to the community and more specifically, the individual at the 7/11 who had the fortitude, courage and mindfulness to reach out and let someone know.

Like the individual at 7/11 who found Mr. Pursel, may we all strive to be a community that is attentive and alert to those around us 💖

FOUND Sean Pursel Missing Person In Burleson Texas

4th Generation Burleson Resident. Lifelong learner 📚 Long time listener 👂 Fan of adoption 👶, peanut butter & chocolate 🍫, and deception detection techniques 🤫

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