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…power filled Words of Truth!

View this post on Instagram Win the battle with yourself by declaring war on the version of yourself that you don't want to be. Discover the thoughts, words, behaviors, and power you need to achieve ongoing victory. It’s likely you are your own worst enemy. Learn to get out of your own way and discover […]

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I would love to go with you

Faith, I would love to accompany you to confront Jason. I think it would help you tremendously to physically, verbally, and honestly tell Jason how you feel. Then I’d love to go with you to your dad’s graveside. I get that he hurt you.  I understand hurtful parents more than your mind might choose to […]

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Are you Worth The Truth It was this comment that really got me: “The worst thing about being lied to is knowing you’re not worth the truth.” Thoughts: Hey Jane, does Faith think you’re worth the truth? Hey Shane, Casey, and the safety squad, do you think you are worth the truth? Hey Burleson Police Department, does Adrianne […]

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Never be AFRAID to GET HELP – here’s why: When it comes to getting the help you need, what is your biggest challenge? The will to seek for help fear of ridicule telling the truth Accepting the helpAdmitting that my constant fluctuations of emotions was not normal or healthy. Admittance was my biggest hurdleFeeling like I deserve to even askConnecting with the therapist, […]

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Your Character Matters more than your reputation. The way that you ARE is more important than the way that you are perceived. The way that you ARE matters MORE than the way people THINK you are. It might seem backwards in today’s world with the social media. Sometimes people will get a projected image of […]