If there is something about you, your church, your non profit, or your organization that simply can NOT put the needs of others above the appearance of your own perception, then you need to quit.

If there is something about your church which dictates that the perception of a few dictates taking away from the safety of all, then you need to turn in your pulpit and walk away.

If there is something crooked about being a law enforcement officer that demonstrates a persistent pattern of deception and lies to the public and to other officers – consistently! – then do everyone a favor and turn in your badge. Do the other officers a favor and don’t make them look bad. Do your city a favor and don’t make people wonder if they are corrupt. Do the public citizens a favor and don’t put them in danger. A sick and twisted desire to attempt to make yourself look good over verifying, identifying, and validating the safety, legality, and protection of everyone is stupid. It makes all officers look bad.
Just as similar as one false report gives room for people to question other claims and accusations – so does one crooked lying cop give room for other people to question the legitimacy of other HONEST Police Officers.
If you’ve got something going on that yields public records request of communication showing nothing but one coerced lie after another – then turn in your badge and walk away. Do yourself and your community a favor – quit.

When you find something deceitful about a pastor, and they simply refuse to stop and acknowledge that their people and actions are federal felonies, wrong, and socially irresponsible, do your congregation and your community a favor and simply walk away.

If your ability to “rightly divide the truth” and “protect the sheep from the wolves” is somehow twisted, perverted, and warped into some sick so bad that you can have your own words and actions shown to be corrupted, then do everyone else a favor and quit.

If you’re not willing to be part of the solution, then at the very minimum, stop being a part of the problem.

There should be ZERO TOLERANCE for corruption, lies, fraud, cons, and deceptive actions. Not in a law enforcement role, and never should it be tolerated in a church.

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